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Floating shelving ideas suitable for any home

Floating shelving ideas suitable for any home

As big as our houses may be, we always have extra storage space.

This is how most of us come across ideas for floating shelves that not only provide enough space for their belongings, but also decorate our spaces and make them more sophisticated by making them look like they are not attached to the wall at all.

Floating shelves are definitely one of the smartest concepts in home design as it is easy to place and extremely inexpensive.

Both large and small floating shelves display collectibles in an elegant way, and we can use them to display family portraits, art collections, and travel memorabilia.

One particularly interesting type is hanging wall shelves that extend directly with no visible support and are made of solid materials like wood to ensure our things stay in place.

A sensible alternative to wall shelves for books are hollow core shelves or flexible pieces made of old and unused wood.

The importance of placing floating shelves in our home

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Every-House1 Floating-Shelves Ideas Suitable-For-Every-HouseImage source: Serenity design

To begin with, floating shelf ideas will reshape the interior design and ensure that all of our best accessories are visible.

The introduction of wall shelves was inspired not only by the need to store items, but also by the desire to make homes look more modern and beautiful.

Because of this, many people use it decorative wall shelves even if such have no practical purpose at all.

A lot is mandated for placement as most of us live in temperate housing and could use an organizing chapter for books or crystal menagery collections.

Fortunately, there are a variety of floating shelf placement ideas out there, for both the living room and any available display area in the home.

Floating shelves How To-s /

The classic large and white shelf

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-House2 Floating-Shelves Ideas Suitable-For-Any-HouseImage source: d2 interiors

Contemporary design favors large and white shelves as it considers them the best organizational and decorative idea for any home. These shelves float from wall to wall and are ideal for gadgets and art collections.

Corners and floating corner shelves

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home3-1 Floating-Shelves Ideas Suitable-For-Any-HomeImage source: Vicente Burin Architects

One of the coolest approaches to the shelving problem is adding oddly shaped corners or custom made corners Corner shelves awkward to handle recessed arches.

Needless to say, this is a strategy that will get the most out of your space and it will work with all furniture and styles.

Bold and contemporary floating solutions

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-House4 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HouseImage source: Get collaborative

When someone talks about modern shelving, our first ideas are modest sizes and slim design, because that’s exactly what defines a refined taste in interior design.

However, some people prefer to personalize their living space with bold solutions and see no reason not to apply the same practice to shelving.

Light and fresh

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home5 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Chris Snook

Tiny wall shelves (especially white) are great for small spaces where accessories need to be housed in a practical and attractive way.

Yellow floating shelves

That wasn’t your first idea, was it? However, light yellow shelves are a special open cube concept that is used as a main decorative note in numerous modern interiors.

Offset arrangements

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-House6 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HouseImage source: Clarum Homes

There is absolutely no reason to stick to the classic left-to-right orientation of the shelves. You can always opt for an asymmetrical appearance and double the spacing between parts to ensure larger items can be displayed.

Accent walls

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-House 7 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HouseImage source: Josh Wynne Construction

What your shelves look like depends not only on the shelves, but also on the wall.

When the wall is light and painted correctly, it creates a smooth backdrop for your original floating shelf ideas, while the asymmetrical display of the pieces makes the place look fun and free.

Black shelf for modern interiors

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-House8 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HouseImage source: Table of contents design

Modern shelving is all about creativity. This is why you can consider black shelves for contemporary views on your wall.

Openness and accessibility

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 9 floating shelves ideas suitable for any homeImage source: Jane Ellison

Open shelves were invented simply because small and crowded rooms need more air and freshness.

These days, heavy kitchen furniture is slowly being replaced with shelves made so that all of your accessories are within easy reach.

1980s Homes and Their Cosmetic Improvements

The revolutionary inventory of 1980s kitchens is floating cabinets that not only store all items but also hide clutter and clutter while maintaining the beauty and minimalist design of your kitchen.

Unusual placement

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 10 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Ikon Design Studio

The most creative homeowners are those who have limited space to work and try to make the most of it by hanging shelves in the least expected places.

For example, you can hang shelves above the sofa or door, or use your window box to display favorite graphics.

Floating corner shelves

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home13 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Milgard windows & doors

Corner shelves are one of the most modern and original mood generators that you can imagine at home and that also have a practical storage function.

Long shelves

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home11 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Elad Gonen

Long shelves are ideal for displaying collections of accessories and give you the most options for placing and rotating objects the way you want.

You can adjust their length to match the furniture below for a symmetrical, streamlined look.


Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 12 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Element Studios

Shelving isn’t all about size and shape – the material is also an important aspect to combine with the rest of your furniture, unless you are purposely pursuing a decentralized and asymmetrical space.

Creative floating black shelves

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home17 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Jim Tetro

Floating shelves can be the main decorative strategy for your home, making a strong statement on neutral walls and in urban settings.

Asymmetrical focus

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home14 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Amy Lau design

Shelves have the power to make your living room look modern and for that they need to be organized asymmetrically.

Same goes for the rest of your furniture – you can be bold and let go of the balance between your cabinets, fireplace surrounds, and shelves.

Industrial floating shelves

This is a super creative and urban idea that refers to thin and simple floating shelves that will add a dramatic accent to your space.

Customizing with cork

You can also use shelves to make your workspace more rustic, individual or relaxed. As you do this, make sure there is enough cork board to fill the gap between the bottom shelf and the desk you are working on.

The cork can be the ideal surface for pendant lights that help you work. Or, you can skip these and add moderate lighting under the shelf instead.

Shelves that resemble wall climbers

We’ve already talked about how cool dark shelves can be on neutral walls, but why not try combining these in reverse order?

Crispy white shelves on a deep purple wall are a stunning solution for the living room, especially if you want to flaunt similar accessories.

Shelves for lean storage

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 20 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Choose a suitable location and hang a long line of thin floating shelves on it.

They may not be the most solid surface for displaying heavy artwork, but you can always use them to hold messy items and stacks of books that you can’t put anywhere else.

If you want to make them more solid, mount a small bar cart over them and use them for heavier and more delicate items, which are categorized in separate lid boxes.

Rustic shelves

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 18 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Paddle Creek design

Depending on your style, you can introduce reclaimed wood shelves to decorate your space. Not only is this a dramatic and bold asset, it is also a cost-effective one that is sure not to break the bank.

The space in between

An interesting way to secure additional space is to hang some vertical shelves between the windows. Such shelves allow you to store the majority of your books without having to bring a dedicated cabinet.

Messy and chic

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home 15 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: House properties

There are rooms like the kitchen where items are frequently used and which need to be kept as close to your reach as possible.

Again, floating shelves can be helpful if you’ve managed to coordinate them with the rest of the furniture’s shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

End thoughts

Foating-Shelves-Ideas-Suitable-For-Any-Home19 Floating Shelves Ideas Suitable For Any HomeImage source: Allen Construction

The most critical moment in your interior design isn’t aesthetics, but smart storage that keeps all your belongings out of sight and only shows those you are proud of, such as art collections and family portraits.

The perfect solution for this is decorative floating shelves that can be easily attached to the wall and still hold all of your precious items.

Thanks to the open shelving concept, rooms look nice and organized so you might consider them in place of your heavy cabinets.

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