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Tips for outdoor lighting

Tips for outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting does not have to be boring and mundane, which is often seen in many homes. This is usually not due to a lack of interest but to a lack of knowledge that outdoors can be decorated as much as indoors with light. Just as there are factors to keep in mind in door lighting, there are also a few things you need to keep in mind with outdoor lighting. Here are some tips to help you hack this task.

Select Security and Safety first

Many bad things love to crawl out in the dark. The first and foremost problem with outdoor lighting is to protect them with good lighting. Areas to be illuminated include stairs, paths and entrances to your property as well as the dark corners of your property. Thus, regardless of your budget, put this consideration first.


With your security in check, you can then think about how you will implement lighting of the above mentioned areas in style. The style you choose should complement the entire design theme of your home. Thus, if your home theme is modern, it will be appropriate to go for contemporary light fixtures. Color is another aspect of style that you should not forget. Look for colors that complement your exterior, or that have the same shade as your siding.


Then there is the size of your outdoor lighting. A good size luminaire should both light up and add to the sidewalk appealing to your property. This is where most people often fail to get it right. When shopping for the lamp, always go for the big ones because they often look half as big on your property than they do in stores. The front door is where these lights are usually more important, so these should be prioritized over other areas.


Your external lighting effect will determine if the lighting is sufficient to prevent you from squinting due to glare or dim light. The recommended wattage power should be a little over 30 watts for proper lighting. However, the effect varies depending on the type of light bulb you use.


It will be good for you to vary the type of lighting you use for your exterior. Mixing different lighting effects can help you create a welcoming atmosphere. You can thus have the stairs lit with bright lights while the patio lights up with candles to enhance intimacy.