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Creating a modern and bold interior design

Creating a modern and bold interior design

Color is the perfect way to add a unique touch to your home. It has been shown that color has a profound effect on mood. Using a lot of color for your decoration creates a happy atmosphere. It’s also a great way to add a playful feel to your rooms. Neon umbrellas are the latest bold trend in interior design, be it an entire wall or just strategically placed splashes of color. Any room can adopt the neon look, whether you prefer neutral tones or vibrant colors. In this article, we’re going to look at some brilliant ways you can incorporate neon into your modern interior.

Modern interiors are all about making a bold statement, but the key to perfecting the look is restraint. Too much color is easy on the eyes and is not at all the look you are looking for. A simple wall or shades of color in your textiles and furniture are the ideal way to reflect your personality and make a statement. Here are some helpful tips to help make your interior stand out.

Use the color wheel

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 11 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

If you can familiarize yourself with the color wheel, it will help a lot when choosing colors for your interior design. 12 colors are arranged in a specific order and divided into two parts, cool and warm. Cool colors are those that have a lot of blue in their shades, for example, violet and turquoise. Warm hues are those that are predominantly red, such as B. Orange and Red Violet.

Colors that are placed next to each other on the color wheel are called analog and go well together when decorating. They create a harmonious mix of colors that is ideal for a coordinated splash of brightness in a room. You also need to consider the saturation and tone of the colors you have chosen. Saturated hues are much more vibrant, while a less saturated color is the same base color but much more muted. These neutralized colors work well for contrasting the vibrancy that a saturated color brings with it.

Stick to the 80/20 rule

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 10 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

The 80/20 rule is paramount when using paint in your decoration. Basically, you need to keep 80% of the room in a neutral, less saturated hue and use your light color for 20% of your room. That way there is enough color to make a statement but not so much that it ruins the look. For example, a muted, gray-tinted yellow on the walls could be paired with vibrant lemon couches for a perfect, contemporary statement.

You don’t have to worry about using vibrant colors this way. However, if you are careful about spending a lot of money on an expensive, colorful piece of furniture that you may regret, you can go for a less dedicated option. Instead, opt for a neutral sofa and colorful pillows that create the same effect of bold vibrancy without committing to a risky furnishing investment. That way, if you find that this bright look doesn’t suit your taste or personality, you can easily remove it and inexpensively replace it with something more neutral that better suits your needs.

Light and shadow

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If you are considering using bold colors in your decor, you need to carefully consider which shades to choose to match the ambience of your room. If you have a room with lots of natural daylight, your space is best accented with dark and dramatic tones. However, if your room already feels dark, using dark colors will only darken it further. Instead, opt for bright and saturated colors that highlight the room and create the illusion of light in a dim room. Remember that no matter which color you choose, your colors should always feel inviting and never shocking.

Emphasize your functions

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 9 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

If you have any eye-catching, bold ornaments, wall hangings, or paintings that you’d like to show off, showcase them effectively by going for simple furniture. White or plain black sofas and furniture are the best way to avoid unwanted color clashes. Balance is the key to creating the perfect look. So use just a few colors throughout the room to highlight the boldness of the statement. Coordinate your accessories and keep a neutral palette for your walls and floors to achieve the right balance.

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 12 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

One of the hottest design trends is to mix bright and muted colors together. Using an eye-catching piece of furniture in conjunction with pieces that have just a hint of the same hue is a great way to carry the color theme around the room without overdoing it. The traditional decor mixed with bold, funky colors gives a twist to classic lines and makes for a great contemporary feel.

The latest color trends

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 14 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

There are some fantastic bright colors that are perfect for use in your home. You can choose a single vibrant hue or choose a mix of two brilliant contrasts for a truly modern feel. Turquoise and orange are two of the most modern color combinations that work very well together. Mixing cool and warm shades gives the room a unique texture and can be edited in so many different ways.

Alternatively, you can use a single light shade generously in the room. For example, if you paint kitchen cabinets in bright colors while keeping the walls neutral and the furniture a plain white, there is a wonderful way to liven up your kitchen. It also gives a fantastic retro feel to a room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

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Don’t worry if you want to customize your home to suit your individual tastes. You are the only person who should decide how to set up your room and as long as you enjoy your space, that counts. Don’t let convention or other people dictate you, go with your own sense of style. When you discover a bright statement that you can’t live without, find out how to incorporate it into your decor. To accommodate it, you may need to reduce the color elsewhere in your room, possibly repaint the walls a more neutral color, or replace a dark pair of curtains to let more natural light into the room. The most important thing is to make your home unique. So follow your instincts!

Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design 15 Creating a Modern and Bold Interior Design

Making the bold statement work is the best way to express your personality through the appearance of your home. When guests arrive, they will instantly feel like you know you through your facility. Check out online blogs and design magazines for inspiring ideas to help bring this new design trend into your home. Alternatively, you can go your own way and invent your own style. Be the first among your friends to try this great contemporary look!