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Creative ideas for hanging beds for amazing homes

Creative ideas for hanging beds for amazing homes

Say goodbye to the days of old-fashioned beds lying on the floor.

Tired of the boring look of your room? If so, a hanging bed might be a perfect option for you!

Not only does it look very interesting and modern, but you also have some other advantages that a regular bed cannot offer. You have more space to move around and enjoy your sleep while relaxing in a hammock.

We all know we can choose from many designs and bed styles. However, the choice usually falls on similar, classic models that are not so keen on creativity.

17 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: Andrew Sherman Photography

When it comes to hanging beds, not only is the idea very creative and beautify the whole house, but do you think of the last time you actually had the chance to see a bed that will amaze you? – Maybe never.

You can walk through so many bedrooms and probably the only differences would be the colors and minor design changes which isn’t unique enough.

A hanging bed with ropes or chains. in the middle or in the corner of your room is very unusual and different from anything you’ve had before.

Ideas for hanging beds

Creative hanging-bed-ideas-for-amazing-houses1 Creative-hanging-bed-ideas for amazing-housesImage source: BellaWood Builders

Not only are these hanging beds an amazing addition to your room, they can also be placed anywhere in the house. As a back yard, deck or patio, you can choose any place you like.

All you have to do is think of the time of year you want to use this bed or just customize the surroundings and use it all year round!

It’s time for you to find a little bit of happiness while reading, watching TV, sleeping, or doing whatever you want in your cozy bed.

Hanging out with friends

Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-Houses2 Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-HousesImage source: Moontower Design Build

The sleeping veranda looks very fun and comfortable, perfect for summer camping evenings by the lake.

The beds are supported by sturdy and durable chains that may cause problems such as: B. rusting, pinching, noise, and they are not very flexible so the bed remains mostly in the same position.

Sea bed

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Houses 3 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HousesImage source: MRA Design Inc.

You and your partner can enjoy the handcrafted king-size hemlock bed with a little effort and creativity. It doesn’t require a screw or nail so it isn’t too complicated to make.

Soon you will have an extremely comfortable bed hanging from ropes and rafters!

Hanging from the ceiling

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Homes4 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: Selle Valley Construction, Inc.

Beds that hang from the ceiling are not just for young children, they are for people of all ages, including adults!

It looks fascinating and gives the room a whole new feel that is reminiscent of either fairy tales or stylish luxury houses.

Day bed

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Houses6 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HousesImage source: Chi-Mar construction

You can use a double bed in your family room, bedroom, or your porch. It’s a very unique piece and looks extraordinary wherever you choose to put it!

Appearances can be deceptive

You can have a rocking bed without it actually swinging! This way you avoid possible rope breaks or problems.

These beds have either 4 × 4 or 6 × 6 legs underneath, which are placed in the middle right, and sturdy wall mounts. They are very stable and give the vibrating illusion which is very attractive.

Hanging on the wall

Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-Houses 7 Creative Hanging Bed-Ideas For Amazing HousesImage source: M / I houses

Not everything that hangs has to be from the ceiling, it could be from the wall instead. For small spaces, it is an ideal option as it saves space and looks very nice too.

You can have a room for two children with beds on either wall. It will also be safer for them in case you worry that they move too much at night and your kids have the coolest beds out there!

Industrial hanging wooden bed

11 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: Carolyn Reyes

When thinking about the materials you could use for your bed hanging from the ceiling, you need to consider a rope or chain.

However, you can also use pipes and make the whole design much more stylish and attractive by just screwing the wood and threaded pipe to the ceiling and bed.

Slatted bed frame

This bed was designed to give the low country style a whole new, cozy feel. Made of pine slatted board, unique and sturdy, it looks amazing in any color.

Little lady’s bed

With gorilla glue, cables and screws, this hanging bed is very safe! It is intended for little princesses to enjoy their beauty sleep.

Versatile bedroom

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Homes 8 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: Tamara Rosenbloom Design LLC

If you rock yourself to sleep like you used to, come back from the hammock with this loft bed.

Hang low

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Houses 9 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HousesImage source: Callwey

This bed is lower than previous DIY versions we’ve seen. It is not only suitable for children, but also for their parents!

The amazing hanging bed – big and comfortable

Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-Houses10 Creative Hanging Bed-Ideas For Amazing-HousesImage source: Log houses of America

Apparently, a gentle rocking motion that the rocking bed is known for is not only good for relaxation, but also for blood circulation!

Is there anything better than enjoying something that makes you healthier at the same time? This bed is very comfortable and the mattress can be adjusted to the user to make this experience even better.

Ideas for hanging beds

15 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: M / I houses

Unusual pieces of furniture are more than fascinating for us. Hanging beds weren’t just showing up now, they are from the past, but people just don’t think of them that often or decide to get them for themselves.

After seeing how much space they can save and how beautiful they can look, you’ll want to have one for yourself for sure!

Under the blanket

Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing Homes 14 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: kbcdevelopments

Beds directly under the covers save the most space. With this great idea, you can have the bed at a decent height and use the space underneath for a lot of different things!

Basically you are making a second floor in your room as you can create a small office, living room or dining room under your bed! The creativity doesn’t stop there, you can use the looks as a repository and keep everything well organized.

Nautical nursery

The design of this room is very interesting for children and has one goal: They should feel as comfortable as possible inside.

With the vertical walls lined with ship paneling and bunk beds and the floor hanging from the ceiling with the ropes attached, this room looks stunning!

The turquoise pillows, the white bed linen and ladder, and a corner with lots of books and flowers above the dresser are a perfect idea for parents who are looking for joy for their little ones.

Normal hanging bed

16 Creative Hanging Bed Ideas For Amazing HomesImage source: Cheney Brothers Building & Renovation LLC

If you don’t want to experiment too much and would rather just have a regular hanging bed, don’t worry.

This idea is already creative and unique, so you don’t even have to do anything else to make your room special.

However, if you are still not satisfied and are looking for extra things that might fit, you can use a pair of colored sheets of paper in front of the clean background.

When you add that little detail, your bed will be the center of attention for every visitor, including you!

Loft playroom

This girl’s room features a painted damask step that leads to the loft playroom that is placed above the black velvet headboard.

The accent is placed on the blue and white bed linen that sums up the whole idea and makes it perfectly cozy and modern.

Door loft bed

If you were wondering how to perfectly use a sloping ceiling, you have just found it! It’s not even difficult to implement this idea in your room.

All you need is about 3 feet of free space above your door and you can copy this idea entirely!

Hammocks hung up

Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-Houses -12 Creative Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-HousesImage source: Knight Associates

If a hanging bed isn’t really your thing, you can choose a hammock instead!

You don’t have to spend your nights in the air, but you can definitely take a nap, read, surf the internet, or just take the time to enjoy this little piece of furniture!

A hammock is also a great idea for couples.

You and your significant other can get matching ones next to each other or further apart, but still stay in the same room.

You can both enjoy these fun pieces and spend some time in the cozy surroundings.

Lofted kitchen space

Small spaces give you a lot of material to be creative with! If you have problems with organization due to lack of space, you can put a loft bed in your kitchen!

You will win a lot more than you lose and if you organize everything right you can have a small space of your dreams!


Creative-Hanging-Bed-Ideas-For-Amazing-Houses. 13 Creative Hanging-Bed-Ideas For Amazing-HousesImage source: Jessica Helgerson interior design

As we could see, hanging / hanging beds are very unique and can turn any normal room into an amazingly unique room!

You can choose one of many designs that can be found, or you can just create one yourself. What matters is that your bed is safe and sturdy and not too heavy, other than naturally looking good.

There are different styles and you should look for one that suits your personal style and the overall space.

From rustic to contemporary, you won’t see these pieces often or not at all. So why not just buy one for yourself?