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bunk bed design plans free

bunk bed design plans free

Introduction to Bunk beds is the development of the new Millennium as a way of providing more convenience to the potential consumers by the furniture companies these days. Full Sized Bunk Beds were initially introduced in Military camps for serving the soldiers and refugees in some cases. This type of Bed became famous in the 20th century due to its convenient design which occupies less space along with providing more area to a large number of people to sleep. The manufacturing of full sized Bunk beds cost less than the traditional single layered beds of the same size. Bunk beds became famous during the big baby boom in the 1970s among big families with lots of

children to occupying a smaller space. Big families used bunk beds for children and sometimes even adults that couldn’t afford separate beds for everyone. Small income families are more attracted to buy full sized bunk beds for their children considering it is both economical and convenient for purchase.

The rising trend of Bunk beds among the large families resulted in the furniture companies introducing metallic alloys and iron frames in bunk beds to cater the huge outcry of the rising demand and cheap production. Many other metal compounds like Copper, Chrome and Brass were also used in the full sized bunk beds. The cost of using metal alloys rather than wooden frames would be a lot less and thus bunk beds made from metallic alloys became the growing trend.

This growing trend enabled the furniture companies to come up with bunk beds of various different sizes with exquisite styles and heart throbbing color schemes. Standard single size and king single size became the most widely used sizes of bunk beds in the contemporary world. Although many furniture companies have also offered a custom making bunk bed service where a consumer can pick the details to make his/her own bunk bed as desired.

Bunk beds form an essential part of every household of today’s world because of its cost effective prices and it occupying smaller area along with providing the same comfort as the traditional beds. The bunk bed style took quite a while to become famous among the common mas. Bunk beds are still in fashion among the small income families up to date for its cost effective price with same comfort provision.