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Art Sphere of Tiffany Floor Lamps

Art Sphere of Tiffany Floor Lamps

Tiffany floor lamps are the innovative contribution of Louis Comfort Tiffany from (1848 to 1933) to the modern decorative lighting collection in different sizes, colors and decorative styles with huge themes of design, manufacture, pricing, value for money and lighting technology, it was first created in 1895 it is a type of lamp with a glass shade complemented by glass designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and his design studio. The most famous was the colored lead glass lamp, which was the first business venture for the interior design company in New York. Tiffany floor lamps are a successful combination of usability, beauty, innovation and a wide range of shapes and sizes in floor lamps, reading lamps and hanging shades with a variety of decorative systems. His work became known not only in Germany, France but throughout Europe.

Floor lamps

These Tiffany floor lamps were created using the same technical technology, through each piece of glass that was changed by hand before being connected to their cups for the next procedure. The lamps were assembled using traditional soldering techniques and joined each piece together to complete the finished piece. Floor lamps are with simple bases, others include decoratively carved stands and feet that make lamps more unique. Tiffany Studios’ well-thought-out efforts to create lamps that balanced artistry with profitability and usability.

Manufacture of floor lamps

Each lamp is set using the copper foil method. First the pattern is drawn on a cardboard box, then a glass color and a number are written on it. Then it is laid over and traced after the pieces are cut into the right shape, the pieces are cleaned so that copper foil can be applied. The foil solution allows the pieces to follow together. After the Tiffany floor lamps are completely bonded, they are soldered and cleaned to bring out its beauty.

Tiffany’s pattern

Tiffany’s Designs are mainly divided into seven categories. ovals, triangles, rectangles third was Favrile which means that handmade fourth was transition to flower group, it was divided into the floral cone and earth lamps that follow nature, spiders with paths, dragonflies, peacock feathers and butterflies. The differences between these two categories were that the lamp shaped one cone and the other world.