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Brass wall lamp

Brass wall lamp

Brass wall lamp is mounted on the wall or ceiling and is most often used to illuminate a place. Depending on the size of the site, you can choose the design and size of the brass wall lamp. It is made of solid brass and has a lacquer finish with hurricane glass.

The brass wall lamp can be used in pairs or better in pairs on the side of a painting or mirror in the living room. You can use satin brass to give it a rich finish.

Decorate your living spaces with brass wall lamps

Wall scones in brass with light can give your home style and elegance. They blend well into the traditional furniture in the home. The light they spread makes the corridors and corridors look very nice, provided they are purchased to match the exact furniture and decor of the home.

Brass light wall scones can light up wherever you place them, whether it is the entrance or the hall. Sometimes you can use it to surpass the neighbors when choosing elegant furniture and fixtures.

Light up the place with a rectangular wall lamp

The wall lamp has a rectangular plate that is open at the back. The modern design is simple and beautiful. The rectangular frame made of brass has a half screen of silk glass. Behind the shadow there are two lights that provide clean and neutral lighting.

The brightness can be provided by 2, 60W lamps or LED lamps or chandeliers. French brass finish is rich and durable.

Cover your home with quality brass wall lamps

Crystal vanity candles are built with quality materials and workmanship to ensure you get a heirloom. It has clear crystals of the highest quality with a 30% lead content and a light chrome finish. This light can give glamor and sparkle in any room.

It extends 4.5 inches and has 12 lamps. The power of each light bulb is 25W and the direction of the light is ambient. It spreads light in all directions.