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LED outdoor lighting

LED outdoor lighting

The LED lamps (Light Emitting Diode) consist of placing solid semiconductor bodies with high resistance which, when receiving an electric current of very low intensity, emit light with efficient shape and with high performance. Unlike light bulbs that need high current intensity to generate light. Of that intensity, only 10% generates brightness, while the remaining 90% generates heat.

In that sense, the cold lights and among them the LEDs reduce the energy consumption and thus the electricity bill in your home.

Lighting of the outer spaces.

On the outside of the homes you can use a lot of light, whether it is a large garden or a small garden, so there are effective ways to light a garden that saves electricity and prevents fires. One of these options is LED lights.

To achieve this magnificent and effective lighting of the garden, you can use wall lamps, outdoor spotlights on the floor or wreaths.

LED wall lamps.

The wall lamps are suitable for places where it is not possible to place lamps on the floor, because they save space, they provide a lot of light and they are also decorative, always adaptable to the customer’s taste. These types of products are perfect for urban gardens, terraces or balconies.

Outdoor LED lights.

This second option is perfect for lighting gardens and large terraces where there is space to install them. They can be placed both on the floor and in structures of decorative style: bust posts, vases, marble pots, animal figures. They give a lot of light to the area and are also decorative. They make it possible to illuminate the garden and turn it into a beautiful resting place. This type of outdoor lighting is perfect for large gardens, spacious terraces or summer homes.

LED wreaths.

The wreaths are perfectly connected to the surroundings, making them ideal for balconies, small terraces, window gardens and urban gardens, as they are elongated, flexible and do not produce fires. In addition, you can choose the color you want to highlight the various elements of the space. They are perfect for narrow balconies and windows with small urban gardens.