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Is matelasse coverlet comfortable?

Is matelasse coverlet comfortable?

After a busy day, we all want a comfortable sound sleep. We make all the necessary arrangements on our beds so that we can sleep well. Mattresses, coverlets, pillows and all other arrangements are made an money is well spent for making our sleep comfortable. However, many people think that coverlets are not that important to make the bed comfortable. That is not true at all. Your mattress can be really soft, the pillows can be great and the bed can be a beautiful one. You still won’t be able to sleep well, unless you have a good coverlet on your bed. However, people use matelassé coverlet quite commonly. Many of them don’t know whether they are comfortable or not.

If you compare that your matelassé coverlet with the other general ones, you will find that these coverlets are quite heavy. Well, when the coverlet will lie on the bed, it isn’t a big issue if they are heavy. The main advantage is, these coverlets are really soft. You will get extra softness if you sleep on these particular coverlets. Lots of people like to make their bed as soft as possible because they believe being soft is the main thing behind comfort.

Certainly matelassé coverlet will make the bed soft. But softness may not be the only criteria you are expecting from your bed. If your mattress is soft enough, then the softness of the coverlet of your bed won’t matter that much. The problem behind these coverlets is, they are too warm. Yes, these coverlets will give you great comfort in cold winter nights. But when you want a sound sleep in summer nights, these coverlets will let you down. They absorb too much heat and can make life hell for you with extreme warmth.

It is better to have multiple coverlets including a matelassé coverlet. You can use different coverlets in different seasons. It is not possible to get the best comfortable bed using the same things every season. You need to make changes and use different things for getting the best combination for a particular season.