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Earn a little more money and design a chic rental space

Earn a little more money and design a chic rental space

If you are into the phenomenal success of companies such as Airbnb But you don’t have a free room to rent. Why not invest in a steel building and design a spacious, stylish, and rentable space that will pay off for years to come?

As the cost of traveling abroad is getting more expensive, many people opt for a weekend getaway a little closer to home. Even some of the lower-priced hotels can cost up to $ 100 a night, so savvy travelers can spend more time searching for the best deals and making massive savings that they can then make on overnight stays in rental properties.

Dimensioning the task

If you have a large garden why not take advantage of it and buy a steel structure? This amazing Prefabricated houses There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are perfect for any outdoor setting.

These buildings are easy to assemble and do not require the hire of an architect or project manager. However, with some larger models, you may want to ask friends and family for help.

If you think that you would just build an oversized shed in your yard then you would be wrong. These customizable spaces can be converted into the most comfortable and spacious guest houses that have windows and, in cold climates, even space for an indoor fire.

Become a designer

Designer Living Room Furniture Make a little extra cash and create a chic rental space

Once you’ve planned and built your new home around the available space, now is the time to get creative with the interiors. One of the great things about steel structures is that they are very versatile.

Why not build a mezzanine and separate a cozy bedroom from the living room? One of the biggest trends this year was the industrial-chic look that perfectly matches the mechanical feel of a steel structure. This trend is all about raw, exposed materials and sleek and refined metal with steel accents.

Get the look

neutral Earn a little more money and design a chic rental space

The key to this look lies in mixing different textures and neutral colors. The steel gray of the wall is the perfect canvas for layering with black shelves and low-hanging exposed lightbulbs for that factory feel.

The furniture doesn’t have to be brand new. This trend is about an imperfect finish. So why not upcycle some of your old unwanted items and reuse them for this room? Add some floor length mirrors to create the illusion of more space if your physique is smaller, and add neutral fabrics for the sofa and bed to continue the theme.

A steel structure is a great way to invest in a new source of income and if done right it can make serious demands on your chic space. Websites like Airbnb can do the booking for you, which means you can upload the dates when the property is available and they’ll do the rest – it’s easy!