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No more space constraint

No more space constraint

With the ever increasing population around the world, one thing which we are definitely falling short of is SPACE. No space to walk on footpaths, jog on tracks, shop in malls, drive on roads etc.! One place where we have seen major effect is our own home. Rather than having spacious and lavish houses, we are seeing more and more compact places coming up at relatively affordable prices. However big or small the house is, we all want to make optimum space utilization and one must have product these days is the Queen Size sofa cum bed in our living rooms.

We can go back to late 1800’s to see the origin of folding beds. We have seem multiple designs over the years:

a. Bed and mattress folding from center

b. Pivot beds that could fit into the wall cavity

c. Folding mattresses

The above were all useful in their own way but none of them had the aesthetic appeal of a Sofa bed. Enjoying the luxury of a Sofa in the living room during the day and converting to a bed at night is just priceless!

Picture this – you are having a house party and your guests want to crash over at your place but your beds won’t suffice. Plus you are on a tight budget so can’t spend excessively on extra mattresses, even if you do where do you keep them in the first place! This is where Queen Sofa Bed comes as a savior and offers the luxury of an additional bed, while doubling up as the sofa on regular days at the price of just one!