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Amazing Garden Decoration Ideas with Tree Stumps

Amazing Garden Decoration Ideas with Tree Stumps

Planters… they can be very unique. Like these planters that turn an old stump into a planter garden instead of dealing with the hassle of removing the stump.
The process is simple… hollow out the center and fill it with soil. From there, fill it with whatever plant you want.

Some fill their planters with emerald succulents. Others will fill their stumps with brilliant bright flowers. Others will even create miniature scenes with figures and moss.

The only limitation is your imagination. Let your creativity run wild. Check out some ideas for flower pots with tree stumps below:

Hollow out an old stump and add potting soil or potting mix to enjoy your very own tulip garden. Delight your visitors with your creativity!

If you’re confused about what to do with a large and unsightly tree stump, consider turning it into a stump planter with falling flowers and leaves.

If you have a stump that branches out in several directions, you can add variety to your garden by turning each individual branch into a different colored flower.

Consider using a stump as a planter for beautiful and easy-care succulents, to add a little more green to your garden.

If your green garden lacks color and character, you might want to spruce up an old stump with a rainbow of flowing, colorful flowers. This effect creates a very attractive focal point!

Two stumps were reused and turned into rustic flower pots. The flowers bright and beautiful, give life to the dead. An amazing sight.

Contrasting purple, pink and white flowers are a bright addition to this simple tree stump. The small stump adds a lot of beauty without a large footprint.

An old stump doesn’t have to look awful. If your stump has little character, liven it up a bit by turning it into a planter.

Want something new? How about using a stump as a planter for flowers? That’s exactly what this office did, and it looks pretty epic. It really gives the stump a new purpose, doesn’t it?

This lovely group of vibrant purple lavender flowers in the center of this tall oak is inviting and accepting of others to look at is beautiful nature.

If removing an old tree stump from your yard is a pain or the stump simply holds too many memories of a tree, consider turning the stump into a planter to spruce up your outdoor space. Interesting how this tree stump looks painted with polyurethane.

If you have a bunch of odd flowers here and there in your garden, consider bringing them together into a central collage like a potter.

This gnarled tree stump in the middle of a sidewalk has a second life as home to various flowers. The hollowed out stump filled with potting soil so that pink and purple wildflowers can bloom.