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Bathrooms pitched roof decor

Bathrooms pitched roof decor

A bathroom with sloping ceilings has its own charm and looks very cozy. However, there are also some challenges when it comes to bathroom renovation or the bathroom’s planning phase. If you want to make the best possible use of the available space and still make the room seem generous, you need a very clever planning.

So that the bathroom with sloping looks purely visually not too squat, one should prefer on the walls and for the floor bright colors. Bright tiles make the bathroom bigger and more light flooded. With color-coordinated accessories such as towels, shower rugs, etc., you can still provide colorful accents. If you opt for dark tiles, the bathroom has a cozy look, but looks visually even smaller, almost like a security-giving cave. In this case, you should plan as compensation many islands of light that provide with their soft light for a cuddly atmosphere and give the room additional depth.

So that you can have a lot of fun with your finished dream bathroom later, you should join Bathrooms with sloping ceilings Above all, make sure that you can stand comfortably in the shower, in front of the toilet and in front of the washbasin with a mirror and still have a little room to the ceiling. After all, nothing is more annoying than to bump your head at the start of the day in the bathroom or to have to get ready in a stooping posture. After all, the bathroom should be the personal wellness oasis, with the help of which you can start the day fresh and cheerful.

For the necessary bathroom furniture are perfectly inserted into the sloping furniture made to measure the most visually beautiful solution. So you can use with custom-made shelves or bathroom cabinets really every inch of storage space and gives away no area. Or you can position your bathtub under the sloping roof, if there is enough space upwards. In the same way, you can have a shower made to measure, which then blends perfectly with the room. Although these furniture solutions are associated with certain costs, they also look their best visually. If you prefer to pay a little attention to the price, you will find retail solutions especially for pitched roofs or you can use shelves in the modular system, which may not be accurately inserted into the slope, but still visually and also from the storage space a more than passable result achieve. With a little skilful planning is the realization of your own dream bathroom even in a bathroom with a sloping roof nothing in the way.