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About single memory foam mattress

About single memory foam mattress

The discovery of single memory foam mattress was made by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). They are known to have made lots of inventions to enhance the life standard not just for astronauts but also ordinary people.

Products like water filters, cordless tools, scratch resistant lenses and invisible braces might not come into existence without NASA. The memory foam is among the best items developed for astronauts and has now gained popularity in lots of different ways, and everybody can afford the foam mattress topper.

NASA designed memory foam to provide astronauts cushion from G force effects upon landing and takeoff. Its capability to adjust right after bearing weight, and its behavior of equally distributing pressure and weight resulted in the very first creation of single memory foam mattress. Sadly, the foam mattress was expensive due to the chemical process to produce it.

Although they modify the process, the memory foam for any foam mattress topper continues to be among the more costly choices. It was developed within the 70s; however it had not been offered to the general public till the 1990s.

Scientists later discovered that memory foam did wonders for alleviating numerous health issues. People with spinal, arthritis or any other joint aches testified to sleep far better after a couple of weeks on memory foam mattresses. People who have allergies were feeling relief since the memory foam would not allow for dust penetration.

The patients using single memory foam mattresses in nursing homes and hospitals have their bedsores alleviated significantly. The coils on some other type of beds induce pressure points that may hinder blood circulation. Consequently, the blood would pool in specific areas and form bed sores. The memory foam would not restrict the flow of blood due to the way it adjusts to your body.