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Modern bathroom lighting ideas and tips

Modern bathrooms can be well lit with modern lighting fixtures that match the modern interior design theme, with nice straight lines and a lot of polish. Here are some ideas to help you with any project that requires modern bathroom lighting.


Paintings are a staple when it comes to modern lighting. They hang elegantly on the walls and are available in different designs. Paintings are best used in modern bathrooms for work lighting, where the make-up mirror is illuminated for grooming. The best sconce design to use here is the transparent sconce that comes with two light bulbs for maximum lighting.

Bathing rods

These lamps are bar-shaped and can hold up to 5 light bulbs. These can be used just as lamps are used, although they are best suited for the shower and bathtub area.

Recessed lamps

Another good addition to modern home furnishings, recessed lamps are lighting fixtures that are installed in the ceiling of a house. A recessed light may not offer enough lighting for the entire room, so multiple recessed lights should be considered if this is your choice in bathroom lighting. These are perfect for illuminating your entire bathroom as opposed to accent lighting.

Tak lamps

These are quite common in many homes, not just in those that adapt to the modern home decor theme. Ceiling lights used in modern bathroom lighting include pendants, chandeliers and coil mounts that come in various shapes and sizes. Of the three, pendants find the most use in ceiling lighting for modern home decor. It is used just like recessed lights, with several pedants hanging from the ceiling in strategic places. The chandelier is also an excellent complement to lighting in modern bathrooms, but it is best suited for the bathtub area. Flush brackets are perfect for small bathrooms.

Choose the right modern bathroom lighting

Not all of the above lamps fit any modern bathroom decor. Although the rules that are followed in modern interiors are the same, no two modernly decorated houses look alike. Color is one thing that separates the two from each other. The colors you choose for your fixtures, especially the finishing, should thus match the modern decor color theme of your bathroom. Another thing to keep in mind is the location or arrangement of your bathroom. Large bathrooms fit well with recessed lamps, while smaller bathrooms work well with smaller bathroom luminaires that have a recessed bracket and not the chandelier.