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How to save more space by choosing the best drying rack

The electric or gas clothes dryer was invented in the 1930s, but this device didn’t become affordable to most people until the 1970s.

Before the widespread use of the dryer, the preferred method of drying clothes was to hang them on a line outside in the sun or inside in inclement weather.

Although this practice has largely disappeared today, there are still reasons to dry clothes naturally.

Some clothes will last longer if hung or flat-dried, and some manufacturers recommend a natural drying method. The problem is that lining up lines is often inconvenient and you may not have enough space to properly hang your clothes.

Opting for a tumble dryer

original_laundry-ladder-in-pine How to save more space by choosing the best clothes horse

How do you know which type of clothes horse is best for you? Saving space is the most important factor, but other features to consider include the budget you will need to spend on a rack and the types and amounts of clothes you will need to dry.

Organizations recognize that one size is not all and have designed a variety of racks to meet your needs. There are floor models that you can hang on a wall that can be placed on a counter or some other location off the floor. To help you choose the best type, Here are some clothes dryers checked.

Floor models

Storage Maniac 3-stage foldable clothes dryer

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This is one of Amazon’s best sellers because of its size and reasonable cost ($ 27.99). It is made of waterproof steel that removes rust and mold.

It offers 20 feet of drying space, with a top shelf for clothes that can be laid flat and eleven hanging drying rails.

Another benefit is that it only takes up 23 inches of floor space. The rack is lightweight so it can be moved easily and folds flat for convenient storage.

Sharewin clothes dryer

The Sharewin is also considered to be space-saving as it can be folded up for easy storage.

However, it takes up more space than the Storage Maniac, but allows many more items to be dried at one time.

Made of durable stainless steel, it has room for large items like comforters on one side and a variety of hangers on the opposite bar. Since it is fifty-two inches tall, it can be used to hang pants and other long items. It’s still priced at $ 39.99.

Off the floor models

Space-saving wall drying rack-1298x1298-1024x1024 So save more space by choosing the best drying rack

Homz towel and clothes dryer above the door

The Homz Company has been making convenience products for over 65 years.

This drying rack is at the top of the Homz clothesline as it’s perfect for small spaces.

The metal and silver frame hooks fit easily over the door so the rack is out of the way when clothes are drying.

Reviews indicate that the rack is great for drying towels, but protrudes further from the door than expected. It’s still a bargain under $ 25 on most sites.

Drynatural bathtub dryer

If your washroom is even narrower or you don’t have a laundry area, the Drynatural frame is worth considering.

This frame transports the drying process into the bathroom and is designed so that it can unfold in your bathtub.

It’s oversized, conforms to a variety of different garments, and has a 63-foot drying space.

This rack can be expanded to accommodate any tub size and can be used to hang items as large as towels and as small as socks. It holds up to 30 pounds and folds up easily for storage. It sells for about $ 40.

Wall models

Wall How to save more space by choosing the best clothes horse

Derma Pad wall mount clothes dryer

The Online catalog improvements shows a variety of wall-mounted clothes racks.

These products come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Prices range from $ 89 to $ 239.

The double-width, white clothes hanger is a bestseller, but all types are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars. The double model holds up to 60 pounds but takes up 50 inches of wall space. Some assemblies are required and you will need some tools to complete the installation.

Polder wall mount clothes dryer

This rack is a smaller wall dryer that expands like an accordion.

There are two sets of brackets that can be mounted in multiple locations. The rack is light and easy to move.

There are seven bars and a total of twelve feet for hanging clothes or towels. The rack closes down to just five and a half inches for compact storage. This polder rack costs less than $ 25.

Make your choice

The list of alternatives is long and you need to do some research. However, there is a drying rack that will work for you even if you don’t think you have room for such a product. So, dry your favorite clothes naturally, but be sure to keep your goals in mind. That guarantees that your choice is a good one.