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The different types of lighting

The different types of lighting

If you do not visit an interior design specialist who knows everything about lighting, you probably would not know that lighting is available in many different layers, and that these layers are manipulated to create different types of environments in your home. Most houses of rich and famous people will have these layers of lighting well incorporated in their homes. This article discusses some of these layers that make up lighting in these homes.

Ambient lighting

All homes have ambient lighting. This is the lighting that washes an entire room with light. This way, you can walk around safely without fear of shadows or tripping over things. Most luminaires that provide ambient lighting include wall lamps, ceiling luminaires as recessed brackets and recessed lamps. These are usually centrally located so that the light spreads outwards and fills the entire area. Ambient lighting is thus considered to be the first layer of lighting.

Task lighting

This is the second layer in lighting. It uses the first layer of lighting for its primary light source. Just as the name suggests, certain tasks are illuminated in task lighting for better vision. These tasks include reading, cooking and grooming. This lighting is thus glare-free and focuses on the lighting of these tasks.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting falls under the third light layer. Here, certain objects, works of art, furniture or other unique objects that a homeowner wants to focus on are highlighted. Thus, the light is directed only in the direction of the specific object that needs to be selected. Some lighting fixtures such as halogen headlights are used to achieve this.

The above three are the basic light layers used in home decor. There are other types of lighting that can be used to varying degrees and for different purposes in the home, including:

Aesthetic lighting

This type of lighting is for aesthetic purposes only. Neon lights fall into this category. This type of lighting can also be considered artistic and should not be used alone.

Natural lighting