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metal beds

metal beds

If small rooms are to be furnished in style, the choice is a metal bed, because even with little material creates a very stable sleeping place, which therefore requires very little footprint. Among the numerous models there are also romantic sky and modern design beds in discreet colors.

Romantic-nostalgic and playful:  Metal beds

Not everyone can and wants to make friends with the charm of a wooden bed or upholstered bed, an alternative to make the metal beds. Most lovers of metal beds prefer romantic-nostalgic beds. Curved decorations and a detailed design provide for a romantic playful flair in your bedroom.

Large selection of metal beds

metal beds includes twin beds and double beds. Outstanding in durability and workmanship are metal beds made of solid iron, which are still produced by hand forging. Even tall people do not need to do without a metal bed as many of metal beds are available in different lengths. Some models are also suitable for integrating a waterbed system.

In terms of color, most metal beds are kept classically dark to emphasize the cool character of the metal.