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How to make a bedroom cozy

How to make a bedroom cozy

There are many styles that you can use to make your home elegant and sophisticated. However, there is one special room that must always be very comfortable: the bedroom! The bedrooms deserve special treatment as they will be your relaxing havens, where you will spend most of your time and recharge the batteries for the activities ahead.

That is why you should be extremely careful and creative when decorating.

The question is: how can you make a bedroom cozy? Let’s share a few tricks and cozy bedroom ideas:

Beds and sheets

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy5 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: VIPhotography & Design

Start with the bed: upgrade it with a mattress that is comfortable and solid. or buy an egg box or feather bed. A great way to upgrade your bed is to switch frames. or to improve the box spring bed. When you’re done, decorate the bed with soft blankets. specially selected pillows that resemble your taste; Softcover; and pillow protectors to help you maintain space.

As with other items, the bedding should stay simple: we recommend a set of Egyptian cotton sheets that never stop going soft. In addition, Egyptian sheets are made from 100% cotton; and more than 200 thread counts. Indeed, touching them will be enough to make you fall in love. and wanting to bring that crispness and softness home.

Keep it simple

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Every element except the basic creates unnecessary clutter for your bedroom. Instead of a pleasant and welcoming place, you will very likely end up with a disorganized space, the purpose of which is not really clear.

You don’t need any additional furniture or decorations: a bed; one or two bedside tables; a chest of drawers; and a big mirror are perfect enough. Creative souls can also hang their master pictures over the bed.

‘Lit’ it

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While you are still free to choose lighting fixtures for your bedroom, there are a few essential tricks that are mandatory for every bedroom. For example, you need dimmer controls to adjust the light to suit your needs. or a pair of bedside lamps for reading before bed.

Both lights create a warm and inviting atmosphere that can even be enriched with scented candles and cute chandeliers. For a more dramatic effect, scatter small lights on the walls or behind the curtains (these can also be used as unique Christmas decorations).

Carefully paint the walls

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While you are welcome to be yourself and personalize your bedroom, there are few rules that must not be undermined. For example, bold and vivid colors (such as yellow or red) should not be used in the bedroom.

You should at least limit them to small details as they could tire your eyes. If you want to create a relaxing space, choose neutral and pastel colors that ideally contrast with thin layers of brown / black.

Awaken feelings with textures

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy7 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: WA Bentz Construction, Inc.

A good bedroom is a place where you feel comfortable, not a place where you look good. When decorating a cozy bedroom, keep in mind all the details that might stimulate your senses. and to relax. It can be a cozy rug, a velvet curtain, or a fluffy pillow. Interestingly, textured wallpaper can also make you feel surrounded by warmth.

Keep it clean

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We all have a tendency to stop taking care of our bedroom after a while. Very often bedrooms look like warehouses in which we stack tones of towels, bags or work materials. The truth is – we could never feel relaxed in a room like this! We need clean and smooth surfaces to calm us down. and a range of suitable accessories to keep our things out of sight.

Keep the memory invisible

Avoid tall cabinets or large dressers unless you really need them. Look for furniture that invisibly stores items: drawers under the bed; Headboard storage or coffin bedside tables. The more creative you get, the cleaner and airier your room will appear.

Rethink your window treatments

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy6 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: Decorating the Interiors – The Sisters & Company

Yes, it feels amazing to be woken up by a caress of the ray at sunrise. Unless it’s Sunday!

This is exactly why we recommend that you rethink window treatments. and to find a solution that allows you to set the amount of sunshine you want. Heavy curtains, blinds or blackout curtains, for example, are perfect for passionate sleepers who prefer to be in control of their waking hours.

Freshen it up with flowers

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A sweet and fresh bouquet of flowers is never a bad idea. Remember to bring one during the week. and make sure there is a pleasant aroma that will help you relax. Flowers are a real joy for your work and living area. Why shouldn’t you put them in your bedroom?

Decorate with scented candles

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy1 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: Bess Jones Interiors

Choose your favorite aroma and let the pleasant scent spread throughout the room. You would be surprised by the magical effect! For those of you who fear for your safety, we recommend electronic candle warmers.

Buy essential oils

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Those of you familiar with aromatherapy know that only a number of specific fragrances can reduce stress. Why not bring these scents into the bedroom? For example, you can put an oil ring on the lightbulb (while it’s cold) and let it warm up and give off that amazing smell.

An ever easier way to achieve this is to make your own spray: take 50 ml of water and pour in a drop or two of your favorite oil; and use it as an air freshener. You can choose any scent that you find relaxing: chamomile, lavender, orange, lemon, sandalwood, bergamot, valerian, etc.

Don’t forget the air purifier

Think about all the time you spend in the bedroom: wouldn’t dirt and pollution be devastating to your health? In addition to regular ventilation, we recommend investing in a good air purifier that will protect you from dander, mold, or even seasonal allergies. Depending on your specific needs, it’s a good idea to do a few research in the different types of air purifiers available. Even if you think the air is clean enough, you will feel an incredible difference in terms of freshness and fragrance.

Change the sheets as often as possible

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Do we even have to say that? Changing bed linen regularly is an essential hygiene rule, but it is also a way of improving your mood. It’s cold outside? Go for knitted blankets and linen and wool sheets! In the hot season, however, you can benefit from thin leaves with floral motifs.

Take out the TV

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As pleasant as it is to fall asleep with a good movie, you need to avoid it. Watching TV is unlikely to relax you; it will overly stimulate your senses. If you’re really a fan, stay in the living room longer; and only go to the bedroom when you are sure that the stress for the day is over.

Go vintage

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy14 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC

No place like the bedroom for exquisite vintage details! Instead of following the latest trends, you can invest and buy antique pieces that have a rustic feel to them. For example, we recommend carved wrought iron wardrobes; Fringe fabrics; or even a personal portrait that evokes pleasant memories. Old doesn’t have to be classic – all you need is to choose something that makes sense!

Make it more personal

How to Make a Bedroom Cozy3 How to Make a Bedroom CozyImage source: Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

The best way to ensure that your bedroom is cozy and relaxing is to personalize it. Once you step inside you must feel like this is your real home. and the only place you would change anything for in the world. You can achieve this with lots of personal photos, creative wall art, decals, or just by using favorite colors.

If you haven’t already, throw in lots of favorite items. and make sure that you are genuinely interested in going to sleep every night. Still, try not to go overboard with decorations (especially colors) as you could create a distracting ambience that overly stimulates your senses.