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Torchiere floor lamps selection

Torchiere floor lamps selection

Floor lamps have continued to have an important place in home decor. Today, a large number of homes are home to different varieties of floor lamps. But you can never be able to get the best out of the floor lamps you sell if you do not choose floor lamps that are designed by the most reputable designers in the industry today. To take your home to a whole new level, you can do well to take advantage of Torchiere or Torchiere floor lamps. These are among the best floor lamps you may ever come across. These are lamps that were originally made by the French. In recent years, however, a number of designers have come on board with new and modified French lamps. If you are wondering which Torchiere lamps you can go to, you can consider the following floor lamp choices.

The contemporary type

A large number of Torchiere floor lamps are recognizable by their standing base or lamp holder. The contemporary type is based on designs by designers from other parts of the world or French designers who have chosen to slip a little from the original design. Therefore, it is completely different from the traditional type.

The traditional type

The traditional Torchiere lamp is one that has a structure and a number of attributes that correspond to the traditional Torchiere floor lamps that were designed by French designers when the lamps arrived on stage. It is to distinguish this lamp from the modern type because the material used for its creation corresponds to that used in the earliest days of lamp design.

Transition type

The transition type has a base made of a transition metal. It is quite elegant and often produces enough light. A large number of transition lamps are actually on the market and they can have lamps in different colors.

Bronze type

The bronze type has a standing base or lamp holder that is quite narrower than the traditional and transitional shapes. It is very easy to identify it because the material of the lamp holder is mainly bronze. It is also quite elegant in appearance due to the fantastic finish that it comes with and its ability to emit light in a spectacular way.