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How to place wall lamps for an elegant interior

How to place wall lamps for an elegant interior

Wall lamps are perhaps the most integrated light source for any home. They are small but powerful versatile light sources that offer the three main functions of lighting in a room: accent, surroundings, wall washing and task. Paintings are smart choices for every room in your house, from the living room, the bedroom, the bathroom to the entrance.

There is no doubt that you may now have come across these reminiscent light sources in your friend’s house and thought it was time you had one of them for your rooms as well. So, how do you get the most out of your lamp? Here are some tips to help you get started.

Use a pair of lights

A single light fixture is usually suitable over the sink, desk or hook, but in most cases they are best in pairs or clusters. Your dining room with buffet is perhaps one of the best places to place the lamps in pairs. Putting them in pairs may not be enough for an elegant interior. You can place them to flank a work of art or a mirror. In the case of a fireplace, they can be placed on both sides of the fireplace to achieve symmetry.

Use lamp as work lamp

Task lighting is well known for its space-saving function, especially when used in the bedroom. A lamp with a swing arm luminaire is perfect when used on the bed and complements the bedroom lighting. To get a correct mounting height, you can take measurements from ground level to the shadow foot. When you sit on the bed, the lamp should be at your eye level.

Use lamp in a modern space

When choosing a wall lamp for a modern space, choose one that reflects the simple shapes of modern architecture and has a stone, glass, metal or wood. Picture lamps look remarkable in an obvious modern space, especially if the design is cubist or linearly designed.

Lecture on downward to upward lamp

Lighting is a good source of ambient lighting as well as attractiveness and is most suitable if you have a vaulted ceiling. However, it is appropriate if your roof is white or eye-catching. They are also best for areas in the room that can do with high lighting, such as the kitchen. On the other hand, downward-facing shoe lighting is perfect as a work light.

Streamlined shapes in a modern space are very important for your interior design, therefore quality craftsmanship is a necessity. Your interior design depends on lighting, so you get what you paid for.