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Venetian mood – how curtains and blinds change the feeling of space

Venetian mood – how curtains and blinds change the feeling of space

Renovating your home is an exciting undertaking.

From choosing new furniture to new wall paints to new carpets, your home becomes a palette where you can brush your personal style in every corner.

However, there is one aspect of home decor that is often overlooked. And that’s the window coverings.

Too often the budget runs out before suitable custom-made blinds or curtains can be made or even considered. Custom blinds can build or destroy a home if you get ready to sell too. Sure, the house may look lovely, but when you are missed custom curtains beautifully designed in NYCor wherever you are, you are causing potential buyers to miss out on the true potential of the home.

The humble window covering plays a far bigger role than most people think. As you prepare to give your home the dream makeover, please read on and let it convince you Made-to-measure blinds and curtains should be a top priority in your planning.

Easier than you think

I recently stayed with a friend and she had just installed stunning curtains in her living room. I was amazed at how the feeling of space changed and how your small, rustic living room suddenly looked so elegant and well dressed.

I hesitated to ask, but then I just couldn’t help myself, “How could you ever afford that?” I blurted out. She said I was surprised there were so many Curtains online at a range of prices to choose from to meet every budget. So there you have it. Finding and buying curtains is not reserved for the rich and famous.

The size is important

How can interior designers make a large room look cozier or a small room look glamorous?

You guessed it, blinds or curtains. As crazy as it sounds, custom blinds actually have the ability Change the size of a room – It’s all a trick of the eye.

which-room-blind-living-blinds-direct-blog-1 Venetian mood - How curtains and blinds change the feeling of space

To make a room look bigger, hang the curtains high and wide. To make a room appear smaller, large, bold, layered curtains will make a room cozy. Ah, the window covering is so much more functional than just keeping the light out.

Lighting control

liv-light Venetian Vibes - How curtains and blinds change the feeling of space

Controlling the light in a room is much more than just letting in the right amount of natural light during the day and evening. The light in a room actually plays one Main role in the mood, Ambience and general well-being. Curtains and blinds are the best way to control the light that flows through your living space.


Curtains and blinds are aesthetic and can even change the perceived size of your living space. But the most practical purpose of covering your windows is for additional security to your home and family.

Especially at night, when all the lights in the house are on, it is far too easy for a passer-by to see into your house. Well-placed curtains keep anyone from looking into your home during intimate family dinners or playing with your children.

Window treatments are just as important as any other decor in your home. However, the choice of style and design can seem daunting to many people planning to remodel their home. Blinds and curtains sometimes have a reputation for being either too expensive or too chic.

On the contrary, there are many ways to make your windows affordable and stylish. If your living room is a perfect match, but your windows are left blank, the room is far from finished. So don’t be afraid to incorporate curtains or blinds into the decor of the entire room and you’ll enjoy the numerous benefits that a well-dressed window can offer.