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Clutter Free Home Ideas That You Should Use

Clutter Free Home Ideas That You Should Use

There are many homeowners who get used to living in a crowded area. In such environments, situations arise where things won’t be put away, cabinets are overly full, and drawers won’t close properly. Of course, this would change drastically if the company were expected to come around.

In such cases, each family member would do everything in their power to ensure that the house itself was in presentable condition. In general, the biggest problem with clutter isn’t that the people living in the home just don’t notice it or care about it at all. The biggest problem is that most people never seem to face all of the chaos and are unable to develop a consistent system to keep their homes tidy.

This is no longer the case these days. Order is imposed on almost all interior spaces in every house. This is because families have been able to put systems in place to help keep the home tidy. Here are some clear home ideas that you can write down and follow to help you succeed.

Getting rid of clutter completely

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Many people believe that if they are able to get rid of all of their clutter just once, the problem will be completely resolved. However, the opposite is true. While it is easy to maintain a home environment that is not cluttered instead of actually being able to achieve it, it is essentially about a lot more than the presence or absence of clutter.

Disorder doesn’t just come out of nowhere. For example, if family members toss things like backpacks, various items of clothing, and purses on a sofa, it doesn’t mean that cleaning the sofa that day won’t reappear exactly the same thing. On the contrary, the problem could be the same the next day, maybe even worse. The best way to resolve this problem and successfully maintain a tidy home is to involve all family members in the cleanup. This is the only thing that will successfully cure the real problem.

When the clutter is finally overcome, you can follow other ideas to keep your home tidy.

Clutterbugs: what are they?

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Simply defined, clutterbugs are known as people who are afraid to throw away things that are either broken or worthless. These are also individuals who feel they have to show off all of their possessions, which essentially makes their homes both dusty and difficult to clean.

Regardless of the situation, individuals can be cured of disorder. However, this is a process that must imperatively begin with the person himself. All it requires of you is a fair bit of persuasion. It can also cause heartache, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Believe that it is possible to clear clutter from your home

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Regardless of what you may think or feel differently, it is extremely possible to live in a uncluttered home. However, there is nothing wrong with asking for additional help to make this a reality. However, there are other people who are not sure that something like this is possible. In such cases, the very first and most important step is to say yourself repeatedly and to convince yourself that maintaining a clean environment is possible. If you don’t, you will continue to think and feel that you cannot accomplish this.

One important tip to keep in mind is to believe that you are moving and taking everything out of a particular room that you are working with and making sure that you are doing this process room by room. Once you’ve removed everything, just put the most important items back in the room. For example, if you are working with a living room, include items like the sofa, television, chairs, and end tables.

Make canned goods for clutter

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While maintaining a tidy home is an easy task, there really is no such thing as a tidy life. Often times, even the nicest people throw things on the floor.

To aid this, consider identifying areas in your home that are only meant for clutter. Think of the areas as nature reserves in the sense that clutter can live freely in these designated areas as long as they stay within those boundaries. This means that objects such as clothing can get into these areas.

There is another common “mess” in the kitchen, especially one of the drawers. This can include:

  • Rubber bands
  • Vitamin bottles
  • Expired coupons
  • Purchase receipts
  • Cropped recipes

Children are also a major cause of clutter, but this is another situation that a “mess protection” can fix. Have them use a laundry basket meant for things like toys and games. In addition, there are ways to keep a “mess” in the living room. Just put a bag in the room and store items like magazines and catalogs in it.

Start by layering

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Whenever you bring the required items back to a room that you are about to design, bring items to decorate the room. These can include:

  • painting
  • Carpets
  • Lamps
  • photos
  • Vases

However, you should make sure that you only bring in the parts that you want to showcase the most, rather than each and every one. This is a process sometimes called “editing”. This means that you can also change them from time to time depending on the time of year or any other reason you wish. In the end, you should make sure that the room expresses your personality while not telling your entire life story.

Slow down the growing number of your possessions

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One of the things in life that absolutely cannot be avoided is consuming various things. However, the aspect of consumption can and should be slowed down in relation to our possessions in order to successfully contribute to maintaining a tidy home.

The best way to start this is to take the time to evaluate the many different purchases we make. Remember that the purchases we make always cost a lot more than what it says on the sticker or label. They are also items that require your energy, exertion and time from the minute they walk into your home.

Before you buy, take the time to ask yourself the following four questions:

  • Do I really need this item?
  • If I bring this item home, will I have an area to keep it?
  • Will this purchase add more work to my life?
  • Am I buying this item for the right reasons?

This process is not intended to prevent you from making further purchases. Rather, the above questions are meant to help your life become more intentional, a form of awareness that some of the purchases we make are actually much less to our lives than what they actually accept.


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As mentioned earlier, it is absolutely possible to live and maintain a tidy home, especially if you take the time to follow these useful tips. In the end, you’ll transform yourself from a clutterbug into a potential interior designer in no time.