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toddler beds for boys design ideas

toddler beds for boys design ideas

When the child is about two years old it’s the time for him to be transited to a toddler bed. A toddler bed is especially made for toddlers. Toddler beds are of the same size of a crib and also have side railings to ensure protection for the baby. However they are not fully enclosed like a crib or infant bed.

• Wooden beds: These are the most common types of bed used for toddlers. They have side protection on all the sides. There is just little space open for getting in and out of the bed. Sleigh beds, storage beds, shaped bed, convertible beds etc. are some types of wooden beds.

• Character bed: Character beds are normally made from plastic featuring kids favorite cartoon characters like Disney, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, frozen, cars etc.

• Canopy bed: These are especially made for girls that have a canopy frame covered by a cloth. Canopy beds are available in different colors and styles.

• Portable bed: They are foldable travel bed for toddler that has an inflatable mattress or padded foam. They can be easily folded and stored.

• Cot: Cot beds are similar to infant bed but are lightweight and lower to the ground. They are comfortable and reasonably priced. Some cot beds can be folded up and used as a travel bed.

 Strong construction: The toddler bed should be sturdy and strong. Always buy a good quality toddler bed so that it last for few more years.

 Safety standards: The toddler bed should have complied with the required safety standards and in no way should be dangerous for the kids.

 Weight: Check the weight limit of the toddler beds. Some toddler beds are meant for toddlers only hence parents or older kids should avoid sitting on them.

 Colorful: The toddler bed should be colorful and attractive. It should have elegant designs that should be eye catchy for the kids.

 A small bed frame that can fit the crib size mattress designed in the shape of canopy, spaceship, car, princess castle etc.

 A simple bed frame that can fit a twin size mattress and have removable safety railings on the side