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Different types of pendant lights for kitchens

Good lighting is one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. Artificial lights should be focused to highlight certain areas or spaces in the kitchen. So, for example, the breakfast table, an island, the work table or the stove must have sufficient lighting. In the first three cases, pendant lamps are a good option to consider. In the case of stove lighting, the hanging element can be used if it is integrated with the air extractor. The ceiling lights, which also make it possible to focus the light, are also a decorative element that can play a fundamental role in any interior design in the kitchen.

Design, lighting and hanging lamp.

Almost always when designing a space at least that you think is in the lighting, for that reason we refer to the type of pendant lamp that will be used.

The light point of the hanging lamps is in the upper area and from it hangs a cable that holds the luminaire. The way of lighting is from top to bottom, so you need to know where to place it, because it depends on the lighting that will be in space. The height of the pendant lamp in the kitchen depends on the area where you want to focus the light.

A very useful tip for the breakfast table is to use hanging lamps, facing downwards, with a focus on the table. The height at which it is appropriate to place the lamp is about 30 inches. Above the table you create an intimate and cozy circle of light.

Hanging lamps for all tastes.

In modern kitchens you can use almost all types of hanging lamps. For general lighting of the kitchen, you can use those that focus on the ceiling, where they are reflected and avoid the shadows in the kitchen. For the work and breakfast tables, as I said, hanging lamps are used directly downwards to achieve the focus of the lighting.


If the materials the lamps are made of, they should be the ones that are easy to clean and thus eliminate dust and accumulation of grease, such as stainless steel, aluminum or glass or combinations of these materials.