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Four Poster Bed Ideas: That’s how your dream will come true!

Four Poster Bed Ideas: That’s how your dream will come true!

What does a four-poster bed consist of?

A four-poster bed is a bed whose posts protrude into the air. They are connected above the bed by cross struts, similar to a frame. A sky of cloth is usually stretched over it, while on the sides curtains hang down on the bed, which are zugzubbar.

Select the right four-poster bed

A four-poster bed does not have to be cheesy, as is the reputation that precedes this piece of furniture. New models score with puristic design and thus fit into modern ones bedroom, The choice is varied: The sleeping area of ​​the four-poster beds varies from single to wide double bed. In addition, there are many materials that make a four-poster bed. These include above all wood and metal, but also materials such as rattan or bamboo. You can also vary the choice of fabrics. From light, flowing fabrics to heavy brocade fabrics, the appearance can be adapted to different living styles and tastes.

Choose a four-poster bed to suit the room

Whether modern metal or classic wood: important in choosing the four-poster bed remains that it fits the style of the rest of the bedroom furniture to create a harmonious overall picture. For Girl’s room and feminine bedrooms are playful four-poster beds popular – for example, with a floral pattern on the curtains. Visually convince often four-poster beds with a clear design language in a reduced and puristic style.

What are the benefits of a four-poster bed?

With a four-poster bed, the sleeping area can be separated from the rest of the bedroom. This creates a cozy sleeping atmosphere. The fabric panels on the furniture additionally store heat in the canopy bed and shield cold draft. This can be particularly beneficial in winter. Another pleasant advantage of four-poster beds is the privacy, because eingigelt in the cocoon of the bed restful sleep is not far.

Large furniture, such as the four-poster bed, provides more support for dust and dirt. The cleaning effort for the bed can therefore be higher than with simple models. Do they exist? beds however, made of easy-care materials, such as metal or painted wood, a damp cloth is enough to clean the frame completely. The fabric of the sky should be chosen machine washable, so it can be cleaned quickly and regularly.