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single beds

The applications of single beds are varied. Narrow models with a width of 80-100 cm offer a person a cozy place to sleep. Comfortable is it with comfort single beds in the widths 120 cm or 140 cm. Whether models made of solid wood, upholstered or metal beds, you will certainly find your dream bed in the product range.

Cozy sleeping places for one person: Single beds

The needs that a person places on his bed are quite different: while some find the perfect night’s sleep in the smallest of spaces, others need enough room to completely remove all fours. In principle, therefore, each bed – regardless of its width – can be used as a single bed. By default, however, the bed widths 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm are declared as beds for one person. Comfort single beds are beds with a width of 120 cm and 140 cm.

Full selection of bedding

In the online shops you will find beds that meet the most diverse needs. This also includes senior beds in special comfort level as low futon beds for the establishment of the youth room. Tall people benefit from our wide range of models, which are available in addition to the standard length of 200 cm in the overlengths 210 cm and / or 220 cm.

Find bed to your taste online now

if offers you a choice of models in every available category: from the attractive solid wood bed and classic metal bed to the most comfortable box spring bed to the low futon bed. The dream of a romantic four-poster bed can also be fulfilled in the form of a comfort single bed.

Now familiarize yourself with our range of high-quality single beds and get to know your favorite models in more detail via the product descriptions. If you have questions about a product or want to be advised individually for your decision-making, we are happy to be there for you