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Nautical interior design style and decoration ideas

Nautical interior design style and decoration ideas

Nautical home design is something that will never go out of style. It is possible to add a relaxed atmosphere to any room by creating a mood associated with the sights, sounds, and smells of the ocean, including beach-inspired textiles, nautical accessories, and some simple natural furniture.

With simply nautical interior design With attractive decorative elements such as starfish, stripes, anchors and nautical stars, you can easily create the feeling that the ocean is never far away. These should be supported by natural textiles and the type of furniture that add some coastal chic to any room.

Nautical bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces are all easy to create by applying an appropriate style and using some key elements in your interior design.

Main features of nautical interior design

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There’s no need to start over when designing a nautical-themed space. You just have to introduce some distinctive features that capture the freshness of the ocean. Combine these with suitable decorative elements and have fun with your creative ideas.

Nautical stripes

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A striped blue and white pattern can add a touch of nautical home design when used in any room environment. Choose striped textiles for a window treatment, carpet, wall covering or in your furniture accessories. Other colors should be restricted, but a red carpet or decorative item looks attractive when placed next to nautical white and blue stripes.

sea ​​creatures

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Starfish are the ideal decorative property for a nautical bedroom or bathroom where you want to add a touch of the sea. Some starfish can be used in a room by placing them on a shelf or hanging them on a wall.

Nautical charts

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Vintage charts and sailing charts can be used as a traditional work of art in a room with a nautical theme. These are available at thrift stores and can be framed to give a room a classic design feature.

Nautical stars

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The starfish is a symbol of leadership and protection at sea. There are numerous ways to incorporate nautical stars into a room when used as decorative elements. They can be used as transfers or individually mounted on a wall.

A nautical focus

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None of the decorative aspects should be overdone in nautical home decor, and key elements of the design should not be mixed too much. Nautical stars, stripes, starfish, ships, and anchors in a room wouldn’t give it the same stylish look as a room designed around a single element.

For example, if you’re creating a design for a nautical bedroom, it should have the same basic design element in the pattern of the printed bedding and on other bedroom fabrics.

Color use in nautical interior design

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When using colors, think about shades that best represent the ocean and the natural tones found on a sandy shore.

White should be used to highlight any other colors chosen for a nautical home design. This can be a brilliant white or a more subtle shade that can be paired with a lesser amount of blue. This can be any shade from pale aqua to dark navy. Other colors should be used less and in combination with natural shades.

Natural wood furniture is best suited for nautical interior design. When wood is used for shelves, tables and chairs in nautical settings, it can be brown or beige, whitewashed or painted blue.

The walls can be painted flat white or light blue. Wall panels made of natural wood also go well with the theme.

Nautical decor

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Furniture and furnishings can be made from waste wood and natural textiles. No plastics or synthetics should be used. Windows can be or have been draped in light tulle striped curtains in shades of blue and white.

A ship anchor, telescope, or large steering wheel can be used as the focal point. Accessories should be made from natural materials. Items related to navigation include sea boxes, row boats, model ships, tide-worn stones, and large old ropes.

Nautical living design in single rooms

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Bedrooms, kitchens, Living rooms and bathrooms are all suitable for nautical interior design. Anything used to furnish and decorate the room can go with the theme if it is typical of the style.

Nautical bedroom

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A nursery, nursery, or adult bedroom will benefit from some aspects of nautical home design. In nautical bedrooms, the white-painted walls create a light and airy feel, and the ocean theme is continued with the use of printed bedding and blue blankets. Natural colors are found in bedside furniture and built-in wardrobes, as are natural basket lampshades, woven carpets, and small bedside mats in beige or sand tones. A bedroom can be designed to look like a ship’s cabin with wooden floorboards that have been lightly tinted or whitewashed.


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A family room or open space can appear much brighter and more spacious when nautical interior design is used.

Any living space can have a strong nautical identity with a navy blue carpet and a minimal amount of furniture. The look is complete when the accessories in a living space can also be identified as related or belonging to the ocean.


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It is not difficult to give any kitchen a nautical interior design. This is mainly achieved through the use of paint on walls, floors and in textiles. White color and blue and white tones give a kitchen a fresh and elegant look.


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Bathrooms are great for nautical interiors, and it’s easy to get the right look using bathroom tiles in white or blue and floor tiles in white, blue or sea green. The nautical theme can continue on the walls of the bathroom with depictions of marine life arranged along a border or depicted in a mural.