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The best lighting for bathrooms

The best lighting for bathrooms

There is one bathroom you need to go and one bathroom you want to go in. Make your own the haven of peace.

If we are installing lighting in the house, a bathroom is likely not our priority room. But where do you go when you need to relax and take a cold shower or warm bath?

Bathrooms are very suitable places for installing effective lights. Bathroom lighting can be a challenge, but when done the right job the effect can be stunning.

A bathroom lamp can be embedded in different places, in your shower cubicle or bathtub, in your sink, where you do your make-up in the morning or where your husband shaves.

Best lighting for bathrooms1 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Oliver Burns

Nowadays, people pay more attention to the design and space of the bathroom, and that should include ideas for bathroom lighting.

There are lots of hard and cold surfaces in the bathrooms, lots of glass, metal, and usually not that many colors. With proper lighting, you can bring refreshment and warmth into your bathroom.

But you need to be careful and make sure that the lights you choose will refine this space, and not the other way around, as you will have to live with it for a long time.

Best lighting for bathrooms2 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: http://prestigecustom.com/

It’s best to write your ideas on paper and make a blueprint for what your bathroom lighting should look like. Here are some tips you may find useful:

  • A downlight in the shower is a good idea, but not when it comes to the toilet
  • Choose the right type of glass, it can be your ally or your enemy, whichever you want. Palm glass diffuses light, metal reflects or blocks.
  • It is never a good idea to put the downlight directly above the sink. You get too much direct lightning. Instead, use it on one side of the sink to reduce shade.

Appearance is important, of course, but functionality should be a priority. In the end, you want to get the most out of your skin, as well as your face and body, in reality.

Best lighting for bathrooms3 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Helen Green Design

Safety is crucial, the position of the lights must always be safe, away from direct contact with water, as water is one of the greatest natural conductors. You always need to choose the lights that are made specifically for bathrooms.

Modern bathrooms are a combination of natural light, ambient light and directed light in the form of wall and ceiling lights.

Only by combining different types of light can you get optimal lighting and create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in your bathroom.

Best lighting for bathrooms4 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: STUDIOMINT

Use ceiling or recessed lighting for general lighting. You also need lights for the shower and bathtub area.

A washstand and a wash basin should be optimally lit. There are some ideas for vanity lights that will delight your guests.

You need to know that both lights are important, big and small. The little one is placed by the mirror and serves to clean up make-up …

Since the small light is fully focused on the small surface, it can provide an ambient and relaxation space suitable for a warm bath.

Best lighting for bathrooms5 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Locati architects

Don’t underestimate the mirrors, not only are they an aesthetic part of your space, they also provide light and often add to it. A vanity light height can shape your bathroom beautifully.

For a glamorous and shiny bathroom, crystal chandelier is perfect.

It will occupy the entire bathroom and occupy the central point and be the main source of light.

Best lighting for bathrooms6 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: In your room interior design

Another luxury element can be antique scones. They should be above the large mirror and brighten the bathroom. Their position provides work lighting for make-up and grooming purposes.

Candlestick wall lights, ornate details is an elegant option. You will likely need a different light source for this bathroom lighting design.

For a soft, romantic look, choose classic lamp cones. The clear white light brings clarity to your thoughts.

Best lighting for bathrooms7 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Rockridge Building Company

Lighting the shower can be the most interesting, but you are also very attentive with this part. You may only use devices that are designed for use in damp or wet locations.

The three clamshell-style nautical lights on the back wall of this HGTV Dream Home shower are a great example.

The lamps and all electrical components are completely encapsulated, so moisture is not a problem.

Best lighting for bathrooms8 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Macaluso Designs, Inc.

A lamp made of hand-blown glass can best be combined in a modern, minimalist bathroom. Modern rooms are often cold and full of hard edges, but the round balls on the lamp and the hand-shaped towel hooks in this bathroom add a touch of playfulness.

Using multiple layers is a handy trick that will give your bathroom the lighting it needs while creating a luxurious feel.

Best lighting for bathrooms9 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Ruffino Cabinetry

Combine wall scones with makeup lights, steer the lights away or near the mirror. Crystal and glass can create magic with the lights.

Who wouldn’t want to have a spa at home? You can use some of the tricks to create spa moments in your own master bathroom. There is so much you can do for your private space with the right lighting.

As one way to achieve the spa look, designers suggest dimmer switches that can be used to control the right lighting fixtures.

Best Lighting For Bathroom10 Best Lighting For BathroomImage source: Fenwick & Company interior design

LED strips above the bathtub create a futuristic look and make your bathroom sparkle. With LED bathroom lighting, you will definitely achieve a WOW effect.

Multiple light switches can adjust the amount of light. You can choose which one should be switched on and off at what moment and in which mood.

Best lighting for bathrooms11 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: dRichards Interiors

You can turn some of these over your head or in the corners, depending on the purpose of your visit.

For a sparkling moment, we already mentioned a crystal chandelier, the reflection and shine of which will add enough light and glamor to your bathroom area, especially when paired with a glamorous oversized mirror.

With the duo you will feel like you are in a Hollywood premiere.

Best lighting for bathrooms12 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Empire kitchen & bathroom

Other works of art are old world iron lanterns. You hang over vanity with such dignity that you can forget who you are for the moment and feel like royalty.

If you have windows in your bathroom, you should always allow natural light to use your space. Mix it up with a recessed ceiling light and create a great bathroom recessed light.

Best Lighting for Bathroom13 Best Lighting for BathroomImage source: DESIGNER TOUCHES LTD

The three-bulb light fixture emits a task flash from your mirror, and the rest of the flash is assigned to the rest of the room.

A lampshade always refines any room. For maximum lighting, choose lighter than dark colors that block a lot of light.

A pendant light, like any other shape of lightning, is an excellent choice for bathrooms. Depending on your preferences and your bathroom style, you can choose different types, colors, shapes …

Best lighting for bathrooms14 Best lighting for bathroomsImage source: Kelly deck design

When renovating the bathroom, homeowners pay more attention to bathtubs, showers, sinks and mirrors. But good lighting can bring you so much pleasure and improve your mood if you just step in there.

The best lighting for bathrooms is the one that owners most often feel about. With the right lighting in the bathroom followed by a decorative vase, painting and elegant towels, you will feel like you are in heaven.