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Modern European style and European interior design

Modern European style and European interior design

Europe is a wealthy and diverse herd of design customs, some of which date back several centuries. Some trends, on the other hand, have been shaped by the progress of Europe and the response to the diversity of its people, demographics, wealth and resources.

In contrast to Europe, America is youthful, tall, and a source of design trends. They don’t develop interior design customs in the same way.

On the impact of Europe on modern American designs

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There are a few points that we need to mention.

Modern European style and European interior design are greatly admired in modern America and influence the trends in American interior design.

Its roots lie in a group of designers from Europe who founded the Bauhaus design school in Germany in 1919. Her ideology focuses on performance and rejects the excessive use of fashion accessories, similar to the simple nature of the Nordic-inspired minimalist style.

Modern style, often perceived as “tough” (perhaps as opposed to “homey”), can help create a sense of calm, provided it’s well planned.

European decor and style

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European-style accessories work best when you fully focus on them. Greet the design one room at a time and fill in each one before moving on to the other.

Thanks to the wide variety of textures, colors, and looks available, your residence can still have a satisfying and intimate feel while achieving a cohesive design. Start today whether you opt for a classic French farmhouse look or interior design trends from 2018.

Balance details

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Classic European home decor was largely influenced by the Greeks and Romans. A fireplace or ornament would be the focal point around which this design would organize.

Natural materials such as marble or stone are used for the floor. Velvet or cotton are the perfect fabrics to add that elegant finishing touch.

European decor: decorating in the old world style

Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design3 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

A mixture of European decor and Western European antiques characterizes the design of the Old World. The walls and floors are made of deep textures and fabric.

The furniture itself is made up of large pieces. If you want to decorate your home the old world style, follow the list for instructions.

  • French farmhouse
  • Tuscan
  • Spanish
  • Mediterranean Sea-
  • French castle
  • Italian villa

You can either focus on any of the items listed above or combine parts from each of the lists to ensure that you are happy with the final design of your home.

For example, a Tuscan kitchen and living room in the style of an Italian villa can add a little variety to the unique style that suits you. If you’re looking for inspiration on mixing and matching styles, some of the best home design blogs give you a wide variety of options.

Let’s discuss colors in European decor

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Find and use colors seen in nature or in Old World cities as you work towards European interior design. Make sure they are rich, comfortable, and deeply tinted.

You should cleverly differentiate the colors that are available to you in each room so that the hue tells a fairly warm story. European trends may offer a range of colors such as sage green or duck egg blue depending on the European style decor that inspired you.

Look at trends

Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design10 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Urban space interiors

As for trends, everything is accepted. Pink seems to be in the spotlight in 2018. If you want a bit of faux fur on your rug or sofa, the good news is that the texture will make a grand dramatic entrance.

There’s no denying that some of the 2018 American decor trends are coming from Nordic and European parts of the world. However, this does not mean that the fate of interior design is predicted and simply packaged in a trendy little package called “What’s Next?”. However, we can have fun guessing the future trends.

A mix of influences in European decor


Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design4 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: JAUREGUI Architecture Interiors Construction

While the Tuscan countryside is in Italy, that doesn’t mean it is protected from influences from countries like France or Spain that lie along the Mediterranean coast.

Traces of ancient Etruscan culture and the Renaissance can also be seen inside the Tuscan farmhouse.


Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design12 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Siemasko + Verbridge

The Victorian interior design can be traced back to 19th century England. Order and decoration determine the Victorian design. Objects fill surfaces that reflect the owner’s thoughts and interests. The Victorian style is one of the darkest styles when it comes to European interiors. The rooms were small and painted dark.

Formal entertainment rooms are located in front of a Victorian house. Small carved wooden furniture is built into this European style living room. The chairs and furniture were mostly small and made of carved wood.


Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design13 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Kevin Kelly Interiors

The baroque home decor is characterized by luxurious appearance and excessive ornamentation. When you think of the Baroque, the first thing that comes to mind is Europe in the 17th century.

The beautiful palaces and churches in the middle of the eighteenth century. On the other hand, if we think of the colors of the Baroque, we can conclude that they are rich in their luxurious variety, ranging from dark red or green to gold, and used to decorate art frames and other details in the home.

Mediterranean Sea-

Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design14 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Dewson Construction Company

The first thing you notice when visiting Mediterranean countries like Greece, Spain or Italy is the Mediterranean decoration style, which includes many elements of coastal design, including open spaces and outdoor terraces.

This style was built with thin stucco or plastered walls, wood ceilings, and marble or tile floors, and painted with golden yellow, olive green, rich red, and cobalt blue. It influences a number of interior trends and can be found in the best interior design locations in the world.

art deco

From 1908, Art Deco interior design spread in Paris in 1908 and slowly spread to Europe and the world. Art Deco made its way to America and can be found in places like Miami, where European styles shaped the architecture.

French province

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The French provincial style is a mixture of rustic elements and with some similarities to the baroque style. It is mainly influenced by the houses of the south of France.

French farmhouses were built with dark wooden, stone or tiled floors and walls made of textured plaster and, as the finishing touch, exposed wooden ceilings and wall beams have acquired a classic appeal.

The interior, on the other hand, is more sophisticated. Upholstered seats with carved wood frames and curtains made of toilet and floral fabrics.


Modern-European-Style-And-European-Interior-Design6 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Lompier Interior Group

You simply can’t go wrong with choosing this style. It’s modern and luxurious. Scarpa, Scottsass or even Armani come to mind when you think of this European style interior design.

Italy continues to set standards with its interior design trends and leading designers. Italy will always have an impact when it comes to the latest interior styles.


This design is defined by accents of the old world. A variety of pottery, terracotta, damask curtains, wrought iron, and a painful finish complete your design.

Overwhelm your home with bells and whistles and accent pieces that will fill you with glee in the middle of your room to make them a part of it.

Fabrics and Textures – Old World fabrics include:

  • Aubusson carpets
  • brocade
  • Damask with a large scroll or floral design
  • Fringes, tassels and pearl trimmings
  • leather
  • Radiant silk
  • Small cotton prints
  • Stripes
  • Tapestry pattern
  • velvet


Modern European style and European interior design8 Modern European style and European interior designImage source: Moroso construction

When thinking about old world furniture design, consider avoiding built-in pantries and shelves. You should include freestanding cabinets instead. The interiors of the farmhouses often have wooden shelves with an array of ceramics or pottery on display on open shelves. Think European barns for a laid-back look.

A sharp design element is a kitchen island with a butcher’s block or marble top that doubles as a work area and meeting place. A kitchen island is often mentioned in top home design blogs because of its versatility.

If you’re influenced by European interior design, consider using wood-framed sofas and chairs, and heavily colored and textured pillows. The space should be welcoming and formal, but also have a lively look.

Additional elements of the European decor

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Using animal motifs and fabrics with cards can give you the old world feel of a European interior. Leather or fabric covered books are a must have for the added substance of a traditional European home.

Another way to add support to the design is to add interior decoration trends like woven hues, bamboo, wicker furniture, and unusable decorative logs. Check out European lifestyle blogs for more ideas on decor trends for 2018. As you learn about trendy home decor 2018, you’ll become familiar with the options on offer and how they fit in with European decorating ideas.

Whether you want to recreate a modern farmhouse or a classic French farmhouse, you have a number of options at hand.