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natural mattresses

natural mattresses

A bedding with natural resources contributes to a healthy living environment while promoting restful sleep. For the production of natural mattresses raw materials such as latex or coconut fibers are used, which ensure an excellent feeling of lying. Sheepskin wool covers and covers made of 100% organic cotton (kbA) support the positive properties of the core and round off the pleasantly natural bed climate.

Healthy sleeping documents with the best of nature: Natural mattresses

For the production of natural mattresses or natural fiber mattresses different raw materials of natural origin are used. Among other things, naturally obtained latex or coconut fibers are used.

Mattresses with natural latex core

Before the rubber tree juice is used as a natural latex in mattress cores, it is foamed in very complex processes and baked in the form. Naturally obtained latex offers a pleasantly soft lying sensation. It is also characterized by a high elasticity and has a very strong resilience. In addition, natural latex is very breathable.

Kombikerne with optimized properties

The milk of the rubber tree forms the basis for the production of natural mattresses with a latex core. Instead of latex or natural latex, we can also talk about rubber or natural rubber when it comes to this natural raw material. The advantages of natural latex mattresses include a high point elasticity. Natural mattresses with a latex core adapt optimally to the contours of the body and ensure perfect pressure relief. Overall, latex is very dimensionally stable, which is why mattresses with a latex core are not threatened by trough formation.

In the production of natural mattresses, coconut fibers are used for covers and cores, which are extracted from the fiber layer of the coconut fruit husk. Coconut fibers are characterized by a very low weight, a very high elasticity and high breaking strength. Natural fiber mattresses with a coconut fiber core and a cotton upholstery are also very breathable and resistant to moisture.