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Lighting ideas for living room

Lighting ideas for living room

You spend a lot of time in the living room – so it pays to put a lot of emphasis on a harmonious lighting concept. With some tricks you can make your living room even more beautiful and comfortable.

The main light as basic equipment

Each room needs at least one good light source that illuminates the space generously when needed. A large lamp or several coupled lamp elements, which also radiate to the last corner, make sense. If this lamp has a dimmer, so much the better – so you create cozy light whenever that is desired.

Islands of light are handy helpers

In the living room, however, one waives most of the time too bright light. Islands of light create the possibility to read, for example, even with otherwise reduced lighting. Place lamps at different points in the room, which can be added as needed. This will make your living room multifunctional.

Atmosphere with indirect light

Indirect lighting creates atmosphere and enhances every living room. For example, you can backlit furniture with the help of LED Stripes . The flat and flexible light rails are easy to install and can be found in almost every corner. With them, creative lighting ideas can be easily implemented in the living room and designed according to your mood.

Setting the course with light

Lighting can do even more: create accents in your living room by highlighting beautiful objects with light. Pictures on the wall are particularly beautiful when illuminated with special lamps. And even flower vases or small sculptures are an eye-catcher when they are illuminated with small spots. Above the bookshelf shelf lamps look classy and are also practical.

Fire creates mood

Those lucky enough to own a fireplace can count on real fire as a natural element of light and mood. If you do not have a fireplace connection, you can use bioethanol fireplaces instead. Another alternative: Arrange a tray full of candles and enjoy their romantic light as a wonderful lighting idea.