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Color schemes for beautiful homes

Whenever you give your home a fresh and new look, you can always combine different shades, from the lightest highlights to the darkest shades.

It’s a real decor booster as a new mix of colors for your room or even your entire home can drastically liven up the mood and atmosphere of the space. With some quality tips and some sample photos, you can do this very efficiently.

You can get help from various color experts and interior designers. You can even create something for yourself to add a touch of personality to the decor. Home decor color schemes are very easy to create if given the right information and inspiration.

9 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Caitlin Wilson Design

We offer the best of advice if you’re considering applying a scheme of your favorite colors to all of your home decor. Why not let your character and preferences reflect in your own home?

Each color has its own effect and it can mean a lot for a living room, bedroom, bathroom and even kitchen to have a specific scheme that you prefer.

Analyze your tastes and personality to find out what suits you best. This will help you determine which color works best for you and which effects will affect you the most.

It could just be one color

Beautiful Home Color Schemes 11 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc.

You can’t go wrong with choosing a monochromatic style. This is the best and easiest way to bring all parts of your space together into one theme.

You can experiment with all of the different hues and tones, but sometimes the results are always something that leaves a dull impression. If you want to deepen the space and make it more exciting, it is wise to use the inner shade of the color in combination with cloudy tones.

This imbalanced type of shading adds some interest and excitement to the overall picture as it is used in many household color schemes.


Beautiful Homes Color Schemes1 Beautiful Homes Color SchemesImage source: David Sharff Architect, PC

Patterned walls are definitely a stylish look as they can ignore the intersection of the wall and ceiling and create a commanding sight that takes away all attention from the height of the ceiling or the downside of the wall.

For example, a six by ten area designed with a Mod 60s pattern in a light color like yellow is a striking and interesting element to work with.

Shades of gray with light blue

7 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Jute interior design

The mix of baby blue and various tones of darker and lighter grays, also known as the “three shades of the sky” can create a sophisticated and deep feel.

The combination of these shades creates a more serious and even Scandinavian atmosphere that is effective and soothing. Creating a stormy ceiling and working with a blue background is a great theme for incorporating brown, gray, or taupe furniture.

It’s a cool and relaxing place where your colors are bold yet calming.

The neutral cream and butter with a striking gold

Beautiful House Color Schemes 4 beautiful house color schemesImage source: Camellia Interiors Ltd.

This palette is something to consider if you’re looking for a warmer, happier impression for your home color design. It’s a little deeper than the classic beige, which gives it an atmosphere that can be described as bathed in the sun.

Even though most people think of working with something warm and happy, they think of yellow. Gold is seen as a more elegant and discreet alternative that is easier to incorporate and doesn’t feel overwhelming.

The use of similar colors as a background (e.g. for the floor or ceiling) creates a tasteful and elegant atmosphere.

The colors of nature

Beautiful House Color Schemes2 Beautiful House Color SchemesImage source: Collected interiors

Natural colors are always calming and create a perfect inviting living space outside of our homes. It doesn’t matter how strong the colors are – there are no downsides to using natural moss green, a neutral olive color, or a soothing petal pink.

This style has long been popular; It’s even part of the design of an old-fashioned English house. Imagine a garden rich green with the elegant touch of its pink bloom.

You can soften the ceiling to bring some light into a moss wall, which is also achieved by using a soft color on the top trim. Most greens work great together, so it’s no mistake to consider a darker earthly green for the baseboards and windows.

Something deeper and more powerful

8 beautiful home color schemesImage source: Urso Designs

It is good to be careful when working with flashy colors as they will be too much if used improperly. The deep character of burgundy, berries and putty has a certain charm, which should be carefully combined with the right colors.

Red can be associated with many unattractive design motifs when combined with certain colors such as white and yellow. When working with red, the best thing to do is to complement it with its various shades.

This creates a deep and dramatic atmosphere that is not at all noticeable due to the lack of a strong contrast between the colors. Clear furniture elements are best for this type of space as it will calm the entire environment.

A bright yet neutral mix

Beautiful Home Color Schemes 3 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Turner Pocock

For some, bold colors are something that creates discomfort and tension in their home and they feel challenged when working with them. If you feel like your home is filled with an impressive amount of heavily colored, saturated furniture, then using metallic, neutral, or just plain white can be enough to tone down all of the color.

When creating a bright environment, you should consider how the style suits your preferences. You may try different options until you get the shade and brightness that is right for you. Painting is never too much of a problem as repainting is not very difficult.

Go ombré

Beautiful Home Color Schemes 6 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Brian O’Tuama Architects

The key to a successful ombré paint job is using consecutive paint colors on the same strip. A good example of this is using five shades of color for the stairs, with each shade being applied to three stairs per piece. If you’re working with edges, it’s smart to choose small angle brushes as larger ones can be used to fill in the rest.

The rule of three

Beautiful Home Color Schemes 10 beautiful home color schemesImage source: Artistic Environments, Inc.

Most of the main design principles, including the rule of three, relate to decorating the wall space using odd tactics. This includes colors so that each color should be used at least three times when decorating a room.

A simple example of this principle is using a wall with a green accent and a rug, as well as adding decorative plants. It can work in any way, as the possible combinations are unlimited.

This might work well for all palettes, but it works best for those who use bolder colors when they want a richer color variety in their home.

Complement furniture

Beautiful Home Color Schemes 5 Beautiful Home Color SchemesImage source: Renewal design build

Coloring your furniture is a great way to create a charming and authentic effect in your space. Some interesting options include coloring the lower table of the table a bold color like red (this works especially well on white floors) for an eye-catching reflection, and you can even paint the inside of a closet or bookcase with something dark that will draw attention to everything that is inside.