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Monochromatic interior color palette for refreshing days

The monochrome look is a classic interior design style that has been popular with homeowners since the sixties and seventies. The earliest versions of this look used a strong combination of black and white to balance out a simple palette of vibrant tones like red and pink. In recent years, however, this lively mix has been replaced by the minimalist duo of black and white.

You can steal this style for yourself by leaving the four walls of a room white and balancing them out with a mix of black and white furniture and furnishings. If you’re looking to recreate this style, think of simple black and white chairs and let patterned carpets, curtains, pillows, and other small details and accents take over.

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refresh-days-7 Monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

For those who think black and white is a bit too strong, it is possible to use beige or tan to moderate things – beige, brown, and stone-colored floors are great for adding a more sober and softer feel to a bold monochrome setup .

The bottom line is that the monochrome color palette doesn’t have to be exclusively black and white.

This handy feature offers you some wonderful tips and ideas on how best to create a monochrome style in your home.

Monochrome for workspaces

The monochrome look is a great way to make a statement in any room in a home. The possibilities are almost limitless – you can put together a selection of black and white photo frames on the wall, or “upcycle” a tired desk or chair with a bold and modern style.

Monochrome can also be gentle

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refreshing-days-3 Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette for refreshing days

There’s no reason monochrome styles always have to be geometric, super bold, or visually appealing. The combination of black, white and gray can be used to create a sober and calming atmosphere. The trick to doing this is to stay away from large pieces of a single clay and try to maintain some fluidity of the patterns and designs. When in doubt, lots of sharp grays will likely soften the sharp edges of a black and white mix.

Invest in monochrome!

Look at balance

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-freshening-days-4 Monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

You don’t have to fill a room with tons of black or dark colors to create something eye-catching. This is lucky for anyone struggling for space in their home. If this sounds like you, keep your walls white and add a small amount of black in the form of a patterned wallpaper.

Don’t be afraid of patterns

The common misconception is that an interior space that isn’t filled with bright colors is kind of boring or boring, but that’s not true. The monochrome style allows you to bring in unusual patterns and get away with it – open your mind and see amazing stripes and zebra patterns.

Think about lighting

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refresh-days-9 Monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

It is important to remember that lighting solutions are an essential part of any interior. For example, a trendy black chandelier light or a cool lampshade is a quick and easy way to make a bold statement. You could even invest in signature accent lamps with matching black bases for the floor and for surfaces.

Design the kitchen

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-freshening-days-5 monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

The mix of black and white goes perfectly with the kitchen. If the space is relatively small, paint countertops and cabinets white for it to work for you. If you’re lucky enough to have a fairly large kitchen, you can use black countertops and cabinets and add white accents – either way, the stark mix of black and white will look special.

More about life than black and white

The monochromatic color theme goes beyond black and white. So try to consider the role that shades of gray, silver, and even light pastels can play. For example, start your monochrome look with a gray or silver sofa (instead of a black or white one) and add black and white accents.

Select monochrome components

Appreciation for texture

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-freshening-days-12 monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

The strength of the monochromatic color palette can be a little annoying at times, but you can soften those sharp edges with soft textures. All you have to do is add some attractive and soft accent pieces like knitted blankets and throws, velor pillows, and shaggy rugs and your interior space will be instantly more attractive.

Use prints sparingly

The use of prints, when in abundance, can be as disruptive as too much sharp contrast. So opt for the “less is more” technique and combine black and white motifs with the main focus of the room – usually the wall facing forward.

The influence of altitude

Monochromatic-interior-color-palette-for-refresh-days-8 monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing-days

Sticking to just two hues for faucets and interior styles could result in a room that looks a little drab. However, you can prevent this from happening by experimenting with different heights and compositions. For example, one of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure that objects on shelves and frames on walls are positioned and placed at different heights. This is a simple trick, but it makes a room look more appealing to the eye.

Inject some personality

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refresh-days-1 Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette for refreshing days

To add a ton of personality to a room, use indoor plants to add a third bold tone to the monochromatic mix. In fact, lush green houseplants are great for adding an almost instant boost and vitality to black and white spaces – they suddenly become a lot more homely and lovable.

Get to know Gloss

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-freshening-days-11 Monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

Would you like to create an elegant space that always makes a bold impression? You can do this by adding an interior drama with high-gloss monochromatic accent pieces.

Light up the room

You can use accent and spot lighting to illuminate key areas of a room and to set focal points in monochrome interiors. Indeed, a floor lamp is an effective way to add interest and emphasis in an attractively designed space.

Let yourself be inspired by Scandinavia

Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refresh-days-2 Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette for refreshing days

To put together a very contemporary style, combine monochrome features and tones with light natural wood and materials. This is the time to learn that monochrome designs actually look wonderful when combined with natural resources. So take a sheet from the Scandinavian method of interior design.

Experiment with sounds

You can combine gray and black accent pieces with a white background or white walls.

If you use a little leftover white paint, you can mix and match it with some gray and black accent pieces and create the monochromatic color theme on a budget with little effort and expense.

Attenuate strong colors

If necessary, you can also take the power of monochromatic styles to a gentler level by adding another color. For example, blue is very suitable as a background for the strong and bold mix of black and white.

Bring some pastels

Monochromatic-interior-color-palette-for-freshening-days-10 monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing-days

As mentioned earlier, spring designs don’t necessarily have to mean lots of pale pastels like yellow and orange, but they can come in handy when you want to sharpen the edges of a bold monochrome look. Choosing between pastel peach, olive green, and lemon yellow can be funky and exciting, especially when paired with black, gray, and white.

Wallpaper is also important

Now that you’re really ready to put monochromatic interiors together, it might be time to get bold and invest in monochrome wallpaper. This is a movement that is guaranteed to instantly change the appearance of a room.

The only rule is that you should keep the kitchen and bathroom walls white rather than black, as too much black can make a room feel small. You can get away with a bit more black in a larger bedroom or living room, but make sure the look is well balanced – also keep in mind that textured wallpaper can add even more elegance.


Monochromatic-interiors-color-palette-for-refresh-days-6 Monochromatic-interior-color-palette for refreshing days

As soon as spring comes, it feels like a good time to revitalize the interiors by making some significant changes to both the home and the way of life. Indeed, implementing a careful and measured monochrome look in your home can be a great way to light things up and create a new vibe for yet another New Year.

If you want to dig a little into the monochrome look, our guide on how it works will be of use.