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Bay window decor to try in your home

From the Latin word for gallery or veranda, veranda, we got the term “bay window”. This room is pushed outwards by other walls in the room, creating the effect of a bay.

There are several types of bay windows, e.g. B. semicircular, square, triangular or polygonal, rectangular and sometimes curved. It all depends on personal style and preferences. The heights also vary, so they can be lower or higher.

From the outside, the bay window looks like a detached part of the house that changes shape and is additionally added.

From the inside, however, it looks fantastic. It is an additional place where we can have a nice time in an interesting and comfortable environment, whether in the living room, bedroom or even in the kitchen, it will make any room more cozy and beautiful!

As the bay windows became the standard of Victorian residential architecture, the popularity of this idea grew tremendously!

They were mostly part of the first floor and more and more people began to create them for their own homes. One of the beneficial things about this enhancement is the increased amount of light it delivers.

This is especially important for dark and deep rooms as they look even larger and significantly less dark with a bay window, which gives the room and a house a whole new feel.

If you already have your own bay window, you may not understand how important it is or what you could do with it.

If you don’t have one, however, you are probably thinking of all the things that you could do and add in this small and important area.

Why a bay window?

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-1 Bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design

There are many reasons why bay windows are a great upgrade for your home.

Some people might think that this feature doesn’t belong in modern architecture as they appear quite traditional. It doesn’t have to be like that at all because they can be customized to suit any style and bring benefits that any owner will love.

Well, just like everything, these windows have some troubles like the right treatment that may not be easy to find and the change they cause on the outside of the house and the fact that the available space inside is too small can be if it is not created right.

However, there are many more benefits and reasons why bay windows should be considered:

  • The value of your home increases with a bay window.
  • Extra space for your home that can be used in many different ways besides beautifying the interior.
  • They change the classic look of the house. A square box that moves away from the boring design and simple colors of the house is way prettier than what we see every day.
  • Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-15 Bay Window Decor to try out in your homeImage source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

  • Bay windows brighten the room and make it look bigger and brighter than usual.
  • They make the dining area more comfortable. Apart from the view over the window, which is directly available from the dining table, it gives a cozy, intimate feeling that makes being with family and friends even more pleasant.
  • Simply opening and closing the room will ventilate and fresher. We can feel the natural heat over the summer and a bit of magical winter breeze while sitting in our cozy little area.
  • Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-14 Bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Hard Brownlee & Associates Interior Design

  • The architectural significance of the bay window should not be left out. Apart from comfort, it adds elegance, history and style to the room.
  • When very well planned, bay windows can be versatile. Among the regular uses, this space is where you can make your own day bed, bench, storage, or even kitchen! It’s about creativity and a little effort.
  • Creating window seats is easier when you have a bay window. Of course, you should add a personal touch and design this space according to your wishes and needs. Pick the colors and materials you want to add and enjoy reading a book or watching a movie by the window!

Bay window ideas

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-2 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: http://www.houzz.com/pro/insite/in-site-designs

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of the bay window, it’s time to share some bay window ideas. There are many shapes and sizes, but the purpose is the same – extra space and comfort.

If you need additional reasons to create your own bay window, stay tuned and grab some of these amazing ideas!

Traditional upgrade

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-3 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Megan Nordin Designs

The essence of the bay window is here – comfort and coziness.

What greater improvement to a family room than this type of bay window decor – a bench that matches the surroundings and some nice looking pillows and pillows that add even more to the homely feel?

Reading area

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-16 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Tobi Fairley interior design

As we read and enjoy some time alone with our thoughts, the area we choose is very important. Since it should be a quiet and secluded place, there is no better place than a bay window.

You can use some of the bay window decorating ideas and add an extra shelf for your books, place a small lamp to match the surroundings, and keep you reading at night and so many other things!


Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-4 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Insignia Homes

The sunny breakfast area in the bay window looks out over the expansive garden and is a great way to start the day!

The bars on the windows have a traditional pattern and the room feels bigger as the windows are pretty close to the ceiling line.

Ideal breakfast area

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-5 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Siemasko + Verbridge

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and deserves a place of its own. Grabbing a toast or grabbing a quick cereal seems like a need rather than a joy, it doesn’t have to be!

It is impressive how the bay windows can change the entire room concept. Decorate your bay window so that it is the best part of your kitchen!

Window seats

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-6 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Handcrafted Homes, Inc.

When wondering how to decorate a bay window and you have a few ideas that don’t seem productive, think of the traditional elegant style that is an exception and a specialty of your bedroom.

‘Less is more’ starts here again and shows us how simple designs can be more than beautiful and blend in perfectly with the rest of your bedroom!

Arched bay window

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-7 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Steven Miller Design Studio, Inc.

This type of large bay window illuminates the living room even more. With some of the creative ideas for bay curtains, anyone can turn this space into the highlight of the house.

You can reduce or increase the amount of sunlight coming in from outside so that you can customize the area to suit your style like anything else.

Modern breakfast

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-8 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Eskuche Design

There are just so many bay window designs and one with the high ceiling in the kitchen is more than beautiful. With a nice couch around the table, this can also be a great place for a breakfast nook.

Keep it noble

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-9 Bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

The home office run by simplicity and class is a great choice. Placing a lot of furniture in places where it doesn’t belong is never a good choice.


Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-10 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Ashley Campbell interior design

Everything about home decor is important if we want to achieve a certain positive effect and feeling.

Of course, curtains and windows always belong together, so there are curtain ideas for bay windows that should be considered to make this small area even more cozy.

Depending on the style, colors and design, curtains can be light, dark, modern, traditional, short, long and so many things that add to the positivity of this place.

Winter garden

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-13 Bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Roxanne Lumme Interiors, LLC

The attractive idea of ​​a bay window in the living room never goes out of style. It adds the value and elegant feel with the simplicity, the plants and the beautiful pieces of furniture that are placed in this area.


Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-11 Bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Decorating the phoenix

Not only does the house look unusual from the outside, the feeling inside also changes significantly for the better with a small but important upgrade – a bay window.

Some of the owners buy a home with an existing bay window that they don’t appreciate it enough or take full advantage of it with just a few changes away.

Homey-Feelings-With-These-Bay-Window-Decor-12 bay window decor to try out in your homeImage source: Lauren Ostrow Interior Design, Inc.

Instead, they just cover it with a pair of curtains and move on, which is a huge mistake.

Why make your home look simple when you can make it special? With so many ideas and benefits that bay windows can bring, it just takes a will, creativity, and a little effort and you have a new space in your home that can even become your favorite!