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Country kitchens Ideas and pictures: Classic, modern and very individual

Country kitchens Ideas and pictures: Classic, modern and very individual

There’s plenty of stress and hectic in everyday life – with a country kitchen, the kitchen is homey and cozy. In keeping with the motto “Back to the Roots”, country kitchens are about turning the kitchen back into a place where time and love are spent cooking. Your dusty image has long since taken off the good pieces. With a mix of tradition and modern elements, the classics can easily keep up with the latest designer kitchens!

Characteristic of the country style

In traditional English country kitchens, of course, must be authentic gas cooker be inside. In our latitudes, many people shy away from cooking before cooking. Do not worry – you do not have to buy a gas stove in your new country kitchen, which is just for decoration because you do not want to use it. A normal ceramic or induction hob can also be optimally integrated into a country kitchen.The most obvious feature of country kitchens are cassette fronts, Whether classic or modern interpretation – completely smooth fronts are never to be found in a country kitchen. Typical of country-style kitchens are also small handles on the fronts, e.g. Shell handles. Often found turned elements: Table and chair legs or small details in the kitchen itself get a rustic touch through the notches.

Ideas for classic and modern country kitchens

The secret of a successful country kitchen is the combination of different elements. Accessories, textiles, lamps, shelves and co. Also miss a personal touch of a traditional country house kitchen.

The classic version is dominated by delicate colors in the kitchen and discreet highlights such as vases or individual accessories. Basically, it should be comfortable. That is why tablecloths, curtains, flowers or beautiful storage cans also fit perfectly in the country kitchen.

In the modern interpretation, it may also be a bit cooler. So if you find the classic country kitchen too romantic, with a modern version has another design option when planning a new kitchen. With dark color accents and elements that are reminiscent of the Industrial Style, you bring the classic namely a freshness cure and get a perfect mix of cozy kitchen and cool loft atmosphere.