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Ideas for living room lighting

Ideas for living room lighting

Living rooms are the contact points in all houses. Therefore, it is important to use appropriate lighting in the living room. Few people use the living room used solely for entertainment, while few use the living room to host many activities. It is important to use the right living room lighting to make the space look good.

Use table lamps

Table lamps are ideally used for work lighting. It is a good idea to consider having a few table lamps scattered throughout the living room. To create a formal look, you can consider placing a pair of matching lights on the end tables or at the end of any console table. If you do not want symmetry, you can consider splitting a pair and placing them in different places in the room.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps are ideal to use when you do not have a table surface to place them. These do not take up much space and are ideal for light distribution in awkward spaces.

Wall Scones

When you want to add ambient lighting to your living room, you may want to consider having wall scones. They look exquisite when placed on either side of a work of art or a mirror.

Hanging fixtures

Hanging lamps and chandeliers provide a fun element when you decorate your living room. These give the living space a warm glow and also draw attention to the roof. What is unique about having these in the living room is that people generally do not expect them in the living room. Suspended luminaires should only be considered when the ceiling is high enough.

Tips for living room lighting

Consider having a mix of lighting while decorating your living room. Track lighting and pot lighting prove to be practical and illuminate the space. You should consider having a mix of ambient and work light. You can consider mixing table lamps and floor lamps. You need to make sure there is enough light to perform reading tasks.