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Guestroom decorating ideas and tips on designing one

Guestroom decorating ideas and tips on designing one

Create a welcoming atmosphere for your home by making your guests feel comfortable and relaxed when visiting.

This is very easy as with the use of the right guest room decorating ideas the atmosphere of your home will be a really warm and cozy experience for your guests.

Calm tones

Creating a peaceful atmosphere is certainly not the case when using highly stimulating colors like red and yellow. For a more relaxing mood, you need to use multiple tones that don’t intensify the senses too much by painting your walls and using subtle decorations. Try something like a creamy beige or a powdery blue. Even a light shade of lilac could be effective.

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Mix up the highs

Would you like your guest room to be casual and relaxed? The best way to do this is by choosing the right combination of furniture. By using different heights you create a space of universal appeal because when you combine seat heights with stools, low chairs and floor cushions, you can’t go wrong creating a full and abundant space.

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Spend time decorating the bed

Two firm or medium-firm, ample sleeping pillows and two soft and small pillows go perfectly with a double bed. You have enough space to relax, read and enjoy. The best choice for the material of the sheets is linen or cotton, because starched and ironed gives an elegant and sharp look. It’s wise to include both heavy and light blankets and light throws as well.
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A private space

It is important that your guests feel safe in a private setting as nobody likes the feeling of being watched. To work around this problem, choose the correct window coverings. Window cladding is not only a good solution for moderate light and privacy, but also an effective decoration that could really add to the personality of a room. While a valance or side panels are good choices, a simple roller blind can sometimes work well.

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Try a bedside lamp

While the overhead lighting is a bit overwhelming, a table / bedside lamp, or any type of lamp that can be used from the floor, is subtle, elegant, and friendly. Work lights are accessible with the bedside lamp and also easy to get to so you can easily turn them on and off. Lamps are the way to go when you need lighting and openness.

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Desk accessories

Fill a tabletop or miniature desk with pens, notebooks, sticky notes, postage stamps, and envelopes. It’s practical and looks great too. An interesting idea is to make a list of bus and train timetables, and even a list of local restaurants, cafes, and theaters. All of this provides a pleasant and attentive atmosphere. A phone is not a necessity, but you can put one in the room if available.

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Exciting interior

The entertainment of your guests could be achieved by filling the time with lots of social and fun activities. However, the design of the room also affects the general mood. A great way to create a fun and satisfying atmosphere in the room is to show off some silly yet powerful decoration, use lots of patterns, and add a pop of color in unexpected places.

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Using custom holiday decoration projects is also a warm and cute way to create this effect. By giving your guests this fun and exciting atmosphere, you are giving them the opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves.

Sitting somewhere

Even though you have a bed, not everyone wants to sit on it. A strategically placed side chair or armchair would be a perfect alternative, especially if there is a table and lamp nearby.

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A collapsible luggage rack

It can be difficult for your guests to crouch down to take something out of their suitcase or bag. Aside from helping them with this charming little detail, you also add a more refined and practical look to your space. You can keep it in the closet when you don’t have guests and keep it outside when needed.

The right curtains and carpets

There is a wide variety of curtains available to give you the privacy you need. There are many designer pieces that could be the perfect decoration for your room. The color is the main characteristic as you need to choose a color that will calm and charm your guests. This choice is best complemented by a luxurious handmade rug that can be kept near the bed or in the center of the room.

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Freshen up with flowers

Why not enliven and freshen up the room with a beautiful live detail like a fresh flower? Your guests will surely enjoy the sight of a bouquet of tulips on the table or a small daisy on the windowsill. There are many types of flowers that you can choose to decorate your space. You can even go with orchids or fresh herbs, which are also aromatherapeutics.

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A small television

Create a homely feel by placing a small TV on top of a storage unit or dresser in your room. You can enhance this experience for your guests by using a DVD and CD player and suitable movies to keep them entertained. By carefully placing the remote near the bed, you can make turning the TV on and off easier and more convenient. Next to the remote control you can place an alarm clock or even a radio that perfectly matches the spot.

Mismatched decor

It doesn’t all have to be perfect – giving your home a look that lacks perfectionism can show that it is actually a real home, and not just something to be displayed. They can’t match anything you want, from styles to colors, from shapes to art. It’s about being bold and bold in the way things work, as mismatched picture frames or furniture styles are one of the bolder tips for designing a guest room.

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Experiments with pillows

Everyone has their own individual preferences. As the host, it is your job to keep a good selection of different types of pillows in your home. Your guests may prefer flat, fluffy pillows. Some like down pillows, others can’t stand them. You can also get different types of blankets and good quality linens to complement this range.

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Fresh bed linen

As mentioned earlier, bed and bath linens are important, so it is advisable to keep at least one extra set. You never know what can happen. There may be an accident and the bed linen needs to be changed. Perhaps even a guest wants to change them when they leave. Be ready for any kind of situation.

Arrange the bathroom

Stock your bathroom with the essentials for each guest, consisting of bathrobes, toothbrushes, toothpaste and towels (a face towel, a bath towel and a washcloth). If the bathroom is shared, make sure there is space for their items. Surprise your guests by adding something luxurious like an unusual cream or soap with a specific aroma. You can also add perfume or cologne. Leave hypoallergenic cleansers and moisturizers for your allergic guests.

Hooks and hangers

By installing hooks and wall shelves you give your guests the opportunity to put their clothes and accessories away without creating too much clutter in the room. Give them an abundance of hangers in the closets so they are not in an uncomfortable position. A closet could also be a very good idea.

Window lights

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Your windows shouldn’t be too bare, but it’s very important to be careful about how much natural light is getting in. The material that covers the windows should be light and easy to flow so that the room can absorb a comfortable flow of air and light. The material should successfully cover the windows at night, making it a safe and comfortable place. Hook the sides of the panes so that you can hang the curtain when you want a taste of the sunlight.

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