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Hanging lamps or hanging lamps

Hanging lamps or hanging lamps

These are the attractive inverted lamps that are usually called pendants. These lamps are used specifically in kitchens, workrooms and sometimes also in bathrooms. A large number of hanging lamp types are available on the market. Some of them are like below,

  • Kitchen
  • Dining room
  • Entrance lobby
  • Dressing room

  • Contemporary
  • Classic
  • Antique style
  • Modern glow
  • The pendant lamps or pendant lamps are available in different sizes from the larger to the small pendant lamps. Foyer pendant lamps to shade hanging lamps, all are different in design and styles. Hanging lamps are another example of attractive hanging lamps for an interior design in the house. For inverted or conventional hanging lamp style, a big difference is just the opening style. For example, in an inverted pendant lamp, the glass opens upwards and in the conventional style with a hanging lamp, the glass opens downwards.

    In the kitchen, these hanging lamps look fantastic when lit directly on the dining table or counter. It is a type of spotlight that highlights the dining table. The best places in a home where hanging lamps can be fixed are,


    While we are talking about the styles found in hanging lamps, some of the basic styles are as below,

    To develop different styles of hanging lamps, let’s get a deep insight into different patterns,


    These are one of the finest simple but stylish style with hanging lamps. These lamps provide light and decor to your high ceiling in your home. These are usually hung in the form of clusters of exposed small light bulbs that take up enough space on the ceiling and the space becomes brighter and less overwhelming in size. This idea of ​​lighting is the best solution to reduce the excessive impression of a place. It is also the best decor for the staircase area.


    Almost three or four old and traditional hanging lamps in vintage style are used to provide an elegant interior and create a soft environment in the living room or TV lounge. Before fixing these hanging lamps, it is necessary to choose shades that fit with complete matching or opposite contrast in place. The lighting colors must be matched with furniture, carpets and color in the living room.