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A cozy and natural log cabin

A cozy and natural log cabin

A log home in Loveland, Colorado, surrounded by views of the Rocky Mountains, is a beautiful property where the architect creates a cozy and natural home.

It blends in perfectly with the landscape and attracts the eye due to its unique structure. The wood that is used for the log home goes well with the paneled roof and goes exactly with the trees, flowers, and the stoned path that leads to the home.

This cabin is welcoming and has a ski resort feel that feels relaxing and peaceful due to the majestic mountains in the background. The cabin placement is spot on and the view is to die for from every angle, as is the serene looking pond surrounded by rocks.

The unique and natural entrance to the log cabin has a majestic feel and a welcoming environment that cannot be denied.

Once you arrive at this Colorado home, the kitchen is stunning with the beauty of the wood in front of the dark counter. The tile-like pattern on the floor and the stone pattern above the stove bring nature into this home.

A bar is another room in the house that makes this log cabin feel like a retreat. The decor and personal touch in this space make guests feel warm and inviting to relax, chat, drink and have a good time.

Another unique part of this home is that the space is outside through the clear glass window. It’s not the only unique part of this room. The staircase looks like a tall tree that works in every room in the cabin.

The dining room has a perfect view of the kitchen and goes perfectly with the design of the kitchen. It’s an easy and cozy place to hang out with friends and family.

Not only does this Loveland log cabin offer beautiful views from the outside, but the natural beauty that surrounds this lovely log home.

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A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-13 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-21 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-31 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-41 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-51 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-61 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-71 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-Designed-by-Kathy-Scott-81 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-91 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-101 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-111 A cozy and natural log-house

A-Cozy-and-natural-log-house-designed-by-Kathy-Scott-121 A cozy and natural log-house