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Interior design trends for 2019 in California

Interior design trends for 2019 in California

California itself is a state known for its tropical beauty and breathtaking climate. The houses in the state are beautiful in their own right. Most people take advantage of the modern sense of the state that sets trends rather than following them. Others ensure that they maximize their interior design choices to reflect the relaxed and free demeanor typical of the state.

With that in mind, here’s what SoCal homebuyers do 2019 on their interiors to make their home pop:

Flexibility & Purpose

People are moving away from minimalist furniture that only serves as furniture. People are increasingly choosing portable items for easy rearrangement and furniture that doubles as storage space to maximize how many people can fit into their homes without looking like hoarders.

Uniqueness & brightness

Serendipite_Interior_Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2019 in California

Unlike the black and white palette of the early 2000s, people experiment with different colors, patterns, and textures when decorating their homes.

People are increasingly trying to bring things to their homes that you won’t find anywhere else. Antiques, topics of conversation or items that grab attention are re-emerging compared to the minimalism of years past. The average homeowner is beginning to have a stronger desire to stand out in a world that is increasingly outstanding in nature.


Plush velvet, patterned tiles, and anything that adds texture are all the rage in interior design in 2018. The average consumer gets tired of smooth, polished surfaces and wants to play with how adding different textures and finishes to a room can change that big or small a place feels. Things like herringbone floors or chests of drawers with bone inlays give rooms that were once dreary additional dimensions.

Ceilings that inspire

60s vibe interior interior design trends for 2019 in California

When was the last time you thought about what your ceiling looks like? For many trendy Californians not too long ago. Since by this point we have over-analyzed pretty much everything that touches the floor of our homes, it is only natural that we turned to the ceiling and thought about how we could make a statement with our ceilings.

Sustainable materials

Zach_Cole_Design_Living_Room Interior Design Trends for 2019 in California

The vegan lifestyle is shifting from the kitchen to the living room, and there is a massive boom in cruelty-free options as people move away from leather couches and furniture that require entire forests to be cut down. While bigger in the LA area than anywhere else, it’s slowly seeping outward and is taking the entire state by storm.

More green

Houseplants that require minimal maintenance can create a home that feels more connected to nature without spending a lot of time on maintenance. There are two design decisions that you can make with a plant – the plant itself and the pot it is in.

What’s next?

These are just a few of the latest trends in California home. Over time, more and more people tend to make more rustic and sustainable design choices. There’s no word for it yet, but it’s to the hipster what the yuppie is to the hippie.