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Top tips for decorating in spring

Top tips for decorating in spring

Once the flowers start to bloom in the garden, homeowners tend to get into a frenzy because spring is on the way! Decorating and spicing up your home becomes a top priority to celebrate the improvement in the weather and welcome the sunshine into our homes.

Tired and worn decoration becomes more noticeable when the sun illuminates the darker corners of your home. However, with a few subtle changes, you can lighten up your home again and make it contemporary before the spring and summer seasons.

If you are planning on decorating your home in the next few weeks, here are some tips and trends to follow to get inspiration.

Ice inspired colors

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A major color trend for 2018 is the addition of light ice tones to the interior design palette. These pastel shades are perfect choices for homes on the longer days of spring and summer and can add vibrancy to walls or furniture.

Ice cream colors are a big trend for this season in both fashion and the home and are likely to have a significant impact on clothing and accessories choices.

If you don’t plan on using the colors to paint and decorate your entire home, you can still add ice cream to the interiors by using pastel colors as accessory accents for an instant upgrade.

Bring nature into your home

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Lush houseplants are also a popular decorative feature for homes this spring. If you don’t have a lot of plants in your house, it will soon be possible to spice up shelves, mantels, or corners of rooms by adding them to your decor.

You will be surprised how the rooms change with some plants, and displaying them in brightly colored or patterned pots will add another fashionable touch to your home.

Indigo and gold accessories

Indigo-Living_3 top tips for decorating in spring

Another contemporary color to incorporate into home decor for spring 2018 is indigo or ink blue. Textured vases and jugs in this mesmerizing shade add an instant boost to any area of ​​the home, and you can safely get a multitude of different accessories in this shade right now.

To compensate for this, metallic colors can add eye-catching accents to a room. Gold-colored accessories add a subtle touch of distinction to any room and are particularly eye-catching when combined with eye-catching furniture or wallpaper.

Affordable ways to upgrade rooms

If you don’t want to go at the expense of a complete renovation of the rooms in your home, you can add a contemporary look Buying a modern rug and other fashion accessories.

Many rugs on the market now feature the fringe and handcrafted looks so popular for 2018, or the bold and bright colors and patterns that add a touch of zing, and you’ll be amazed at how redesigned they are.

Buying pillows, ornaments, and accessories can also be an inexpensive way of adding the latest colors and patterns to bedrooms and living rooms.