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Interior design style guide and ideas

Interior design style guide and ideas

Style is something that always immediately catches our attention. Not only do we want to make sure we have it, we want to make sure that we are doing everything in our power to keep it. But what exactly is style? Is it something we naturally crave? Is it something we can only achieve by following a preset list of instructions?

When it comes to interior design, style can have a variety of different meanings. As a rule, however, an interior space is created that has the following characteristics:

  • Harmonious
  • Well balanced
  • Flows well throughout the house
  • Practically
  • Comfortable
  • Aesthetically pleasing

There are many different design styles that have a preset list of conditions that must be met in order for the interior to really fit that style. Some of these design styles include English Country and Victorian.

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These many different design styles have been created by individuals such as furniture makers and different forms of interior decoration, while some styles have also been established based on different historical eras and the area in which you currently live.

Choosing the best interior style

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The very first thing we think of when designing a room in our home is exactly the style we should use for the greatest possible personal comfort. For example, if someone appreciates a style that focuses on classic lines, it is impossible to convince them to go for something that is more modern. This is because that particular style may not be what they are too comfortable with.

How do we find a style?

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The best way to choose the right design style for you is to think about what you prefer more, especially if you are only designing for yourself. You can participate in activities like browsing magazines and bookmarking anything that catches your attention and creates more interest.

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When you’ve done that, go back through the areas you bookmarked to see the pattern you selected. If this sounds “too easy”, it’s because it is. All you have to do next is learn how to work with the environment you have.

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For example, if you have a house designed in a certain style, you don’t need to decorate the interior to fit in the same period, but at the same time you want to be as personable as possible to that particular style, especially since it is impossible to find the real one Ignoring structure of the house.

Here is a list of some wonderful design styles for your home that you may want to jot down and use.

Modern minimalist style

Minimalist Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

This is a style that is usually described in two words: extreme accuracy. In relation to this design style, practically nothing can be considered “too much”. Simplicity and dull but light colors are two main features to focus on. Pieces of furniture are usually structured geometrically and have clean surfaces without any details.

Mid-century modern

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

This style is reminiscent of the mid-20th century in terms of chic minimalism and elegantly shaped lines. This design style also focuses on the use of materials such as aluminum, natural wood, and molded plastic, as well as pieces of furniture that can complement other different design styles.

Classic style

Classic-Interior-Design-2014 Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

The classic furnishing style is not only rich in detail, but also fully developed and refined. These properties can be found in lighting, furniture and various accessories. Pieces of furniture from this style are often decorated with floral patterns and also feature carved designs and inlays in the wood.

Industrial modernity

Industrial-modern interior design style guide and ideas

Inspired by the industrial age, elements made of exposed bricks in conjunction with raw steel are often used in this style, and rustic wooden furniture is often used. A copper colored decor shape is also included in this design style.

Rustic style

Rustic Design - Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

This is another design style that relies heavily on more natural elements. A key element in this setting are large windows that essentially help bring the outdoors into the interior.

Nautical / cabin / coast

Nautical-Interior Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

Relaxing, positive and warm: these three words describe exactly this design style, which is inspired by the “beach environment” of the New England region in the United States of America. The three main colors used in this style are sand, white, and blue, while accent pieces can consist of unfinished pieces of wood, rope, and seashells that are stored in jars of various sizes.


Scandinavian interior design style guide and ideas

This style is more minimalist and yet populist. In addition, a large majority of people compare this style to pieces of furniture available in the popular IKEA store. The Scandinavian style uses warm colors with different shaped materials and rounded but soft contours.


Bohemian Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

This style is also known for short as the “Boho” style. This particular style uses vibrant colors, especially reds and purples. The overall look of this style is seen as “chaotic”. However, this is actually a purposeful thing. For a much warmer feeling, consider adding pillows, rugs, and various tapestries in the room.

Contemporary chic / transition

Contemporary-chic interior design style guide and ideas

While these two styles are different, they also share many different characteristics in common. Perhaps the greatest quality these styles have in common is that they mostly focus on balance. In addition, this style is considered to be much more fluid than any modern design style.

Japanese zen

Japanesse Interior Design Style Guide and Ideas

This particular design style strongly emphasizes elements made of natural stone and natural wood. In addition, great importance is attached to open and breathable spaces and underground floor furniture.

Is that really all?

Different rooms in a house can use different design styles as long as the changes aren’t too extreme. For example, the most common room is the kitchen, which is done in a very different style than the rest of the house. However, it can be designed in the same style as the rest of the house if the space includes elements that make it fit well. For example, if one type of floor is used in an adjacent room, it can extend into the kitchen as well.

When you create a style for a room, you essentially become an interior designer. It has often been found that these people have a great ability to create beautiful and spacious indoor environments. Also, think of the style as choosing different clothes. You can dress yourself, of course, but not everyone can manage to dress up in style. In addition, people often use different accessories to complete the ensemble. The same goes for the interior.

To sum up, style in terms of interior decoration is the ability to occupy an interior space and give it a certain amount of flair by designing it in a particular style, although it is not strictly necessary. It all boils down to your enthusiasm and personality. Both of these are qualities you need to possess in order to make the style work for you successfully.