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Furnishing tips for small kitchens – 4 beautiful ideas and pictures

Furnishing tips for small kitchens – 4 beautiful ideas and pictures

Sometimes space or wallets are not enough for as much kitchen as we would like. But that does not matter – even in small kitchens it’s wonderful to cook with an optimal interior. Plus: With the right design ideas for the kitchen, a small kitchen becomes really nice and cozy!

1. Create more space with clever systems

Clutter is the biggest enemy in a small kitchen. Since there is already little work space anyway, the small amount of space can not be besieged by kitchen helpers, tea towels and co. This means, on the one hand, that the chaos in cooking should be kept to a minimum, or – for born chaos cooks – at least after that, always good to restore the original state of the kitchen. In addition, clever kitchen helpers ensure that the work surfaces remain free. Tea towels are hung on hangers on the wall – so they also dry better. If you forget the hurdles when planning your new kitchen, you can easily use hangers without drilling.

Sponges and tea towels are also kitchen utensils that are always in the way – in a small kitchen a no-go. A hanger directly in the sink is convenient and stows sponges and cloths exactly where they are needed.

2. Increase the working area

Workspace can never be there enough. But when the spatial conditions (or even the dimensions of the purse) are limited, creative solutions must be created. The motto is: Everything that remotely looks like workspace is made to do so. For example, a sink is great for cutting vegetables. With a cutting board that fits exactly over the sink, you save valuable space. Extendable work surfaces – which are also used in barrier-free kitchens – create additional workspace in the kitchen. Also a clever tip: A trolley fits in the smallest kitchen. It offers storage space, a work surface at the top, and thanks to wheels, you can easily drive it where you need it.

3. Take advantage of the walls

Walls are also available in the smallest kitchen – there are not any cupboards in front of them, they usually remain unused. In doing so, they will become true space wonders with a simple trick. On a railing or a simple pole kitchen utensils, plants, etc. can be fixed well. This saves space and also looks chic. Plus: with a hanging device, which is attached directly to the splash guard at the stove, cooking spoons and Co. are always at hand.

4. Use any storage space

Storage space potential is also available in small kitchens – you just have to look closely. For example, corners are an area where unnecessary space is often wasted. With drawers that reach deep into the corner or with carousel solutions, you can create additional storage space in the kitchen corners. If you have a kitchenette and therefore no corner cabinets, must be inventive. For example, an oven is empty most of the time. Large guns such as baking pans and baking trays can therefore be stowed well in it. So they do not take away valuable space in the kitchen cabinets.