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Install wall lighting fixtures

Install wall lighting fixtures

There are several wall luminaires and most are usually mounted on a vertical wall surface. Wall lighting is mainly used for either work lighting or to create an atmosphere in a room. In addition, most wall light fixtures are easy to install provided you have the necessary equipment.


You must ensure that you assemble the necessary tools and equipment for the procedure; in this case you will need a tension tester, puller and nuts, a screwdriver and pliers. Prepare the work area and make sure that there are no obstacles that are likely to obstruct the entire procedure. If you replace an old luminaire, be sure to turn off the power before removing the old luminaire.

Security measures

You must be very careful when working with electricity, therefore you must turn off the power supply and use your voltage tester to confirm that the power is off. The conclusion is that there should be no current at the fixture when you start working with it.

In addition, if y intends to add a new wall light to the existing one, you must consult the relevant authorities to obtain relevant information.

Energy saving

Wall light fixtures are incredible because they make your house lively but it is also advisable to use energy saving fixtures. For example, you can choose LED and CFL lamps instead of regular lamps and they will help you save on electrical costs and if you replace a luminaire that is still in operation, you can either install them in other rooms or donate to charities.

Procedure to follow

Step 1: replace an old luminaire

First you need to turn off the power supply and test to confirm that the power is completely off. Carefully remove the shield, glass ball or bulb, then use pliers, remove the screws or nuts and pull the fixture off the wall, making sure you do not pull in the wires.