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Bathtub Ideas: How To Create Your Wellness Oasis!

Bathtub Ideas: How To Create Your Wellness Oasis!

Which tub shapes are there

Bathtubs exist in many different shapes and sizes. When choosing the perfect bathtub, take a look at the interior shape of the tub. The inner shape of bath tubs can be oval, square or round. Basically, four different types of interior shape can be distinguished:

  • The Body shape pan is a solar pan that is adapted to the shape of the human body. Even tall people will find enough space to splash and relax.
  • The rectangular bath is a double-seater, which – as the name suggests – offers excellent for two people.
  • Oval tub: Oval bathtubs are extra generous in space. They are divided according to their size in large and small bathtubs.

On important aspect, should be considered when buying the new bathtub is your own height, It decides on the right size of the tub. Because the depth of water in relation to body size determines the feel-good feeling. The leg length is measured from the hip to the foot. This gives the minimum length of the tub.

Free-standing bathtub versus built-in tub

An absolute bathroom trend is currently freestanding bathtubs.Deutlich space saving but are corner baths. As far as form and material are concerned, nothing is left to be desired: wood, plastic or concrete – a chic bathtub is always a visual highlight in the bathroom bathroom, With the right equipment for the bathroom, so with great bathroom furniture and accessories, everyone can conjure up a wellness dream from his washroom.