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Different types of modern floor lamps

Different types of modern floor lamps

The modern floor lamps for the modern household are available in different shapes and each has been designed with the aesthetic appearance that customers consider an important part of the lighting systems for their houses in the present time.


The Arco floor lamp has a long and narrow neck that gives the same effect as a ceiling light such as a chandelier or a pendant lamp. It is supported by a marble base and is flexible. This lamp can be placed anywhere as a sofa, dining table, desk and beds. The modern arc lamps have a stainless steel surface to give them a nice look.


These are some of the examples of modern floor lamps.

Libby oiled bronze wood floor floor lamp, Brass finish pharmacy floor lamp, Metro brushed steel torchiere floor lamp, Franklin Iron Works-Tremont floor lamp with sackcloth screen, industrial cage Edison lamp rust metal floor lamp, Cherry finish wood floor lamp Nickel plinth pharmacy floor lamp, Vienna full spectrum mica crystal ball floor lamp and Triple Shelf brushed steel espresso floor lamp.


Kundalini Shakti floor lamp by Kundalini, Artemide cosmic leaf floor lamp, Linear floor lamp with rectangular white shade, Fine Mod Imports Tulip floor lamp, Lynch iron net floor lamp, Adelina curved brushed steel floor lamp, Pauz swing arm floor lamp floor lamp, floor lamp floor lamp floor lamp with oval shade, Piper Reader lamp, bronze swingarm floor lamp with drum shade, modern torch lamp with white glass in white satin finish, crystal floor lamp chrome and modern cylindrical floor lamp.

The cylindrical floor lamps are available in a variety of patterns with engravings such as birds, flowers, dancing couples, gods and many other textures and art. These types of lamps are extremely suitable for restaurants and for decorating the dining table. The wooden floor lamps have a variety of shades in different colors and patterns such as red lace shades, light yellow shades with artwork, multicolored shades, khaki conical shades and simple white shades. Floor lamps are also available in many shapes, such as pentagonal floor lamps.

The modern floor lamps are both elegant and durable. They are far from traditional lamps from the past.