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Outdoor courtyard lighting

Outdoor courtyard lighting

Coexistence with nature is one of the trends for home decoration, and with the arrival of spring, ideas and ornaments related to this current begin to be part of the design, both inside and outside.

In recent years, the two decorations that have gained a foothold have the green walls and the use of small lighting in the garden, this to create a relationship between people and the natural environment.

Outdoor courtyard lighting

Outdoor yard lighting is a crucial factor in the general decor of any space and small lamps are now a common choice in the garden. Outdoor yard lighting can be used to point out a path, boundaries or to focus on marking any plant or reflecting a deciduous tree.

The type of lamps that are ideal for the garden are the LED lamps, for their low consumption, except that when they do not emit heat, they are less likely to produce fires. There is a great variety that can be used in the garden, as they are, wall-mounted, space-saving appliances; Outdoor floor lamps that can be used on the floor, sculptures, plants and poles; Or wreaths, versatile and multifunctional.

Parts of the garden

For a long time, pergolas have been a trend in outdoor surfaces, whether it is wood, metal or rustic cement, a real alternative is to decorate the garden. Near it, a climbing plant can be planted, because the vine, which fulfills a triple function, provides shade, gives fruit (grape) and improves the aesthetic aspect. If you do not want the climbing plant, you can simply hoist it with seeds planted with different types of ornamental plants. In either case, you can illuminate with colored LED lights to enhance the plants, of course, green will always be the main color of a garden, but others can be used.

The second element that tends to decorate the garden is the green wall, which can be achieved by sowing a climbing forest, or by placing several pits or leaves, linearly or asymmetrically. In the same way, this green wall can be enhanced with LED lights, either of the wall type or focus type, which make it possible to point the headlight at the wall and thus make it the center of attention for the house’s residents and visitors.