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Everything you need to know about Sash Windows

Everything you need to know about Sash Windows

If you’re a fan of old colonial architecture that has a rustic and regal feel to it, you should be familiar with sliding windows. Windows are a very important element of your property design. They are not there to provide a ventilation system or to make it easier for you to look outside, but the window design matches the aesthetics of the overall architecture and design of the building.

Ideally, you want a window design that is aesthetically pleasing, practical and easy to care for, and that goes a long way – and sliding windows meet the criteria perfectly. These beauties are a common design element in ancient British architecture. Here is everything you need to know about sliding windows.

What are sliding windows?

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For laymen, sliding windows consist of two separate parts of window frames that hang on top of each other. The windows should slide vertically. These windows were a popular design element in the 1960s for their ease of maintenance and aesthetics. Wood was the main material.

They were later replaced by modern steel frames. However, the artistic look has forced many architecture lovers to go back to basics, and many homeowners are now returning to wooden sash windows.

How Sash Windows works

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Sliding windows are not typical sliding windows. Essentially, they’re two wooden frames that gnaw on top of each other and are connected by a rope that runs through a pulley. By pulling the cord down, one of the wings is pushed up and the window is opened. The window opening can be adjusted by adjusting the rope.

Maintenance, repairs and replacements

If you live in an old building, you are most likely dealing with wooden windows. The main maintenance requirement for wooden windows is to make sure they stay clean and dry at all times. This is because moisture that builds up in the wood can cause wood to decay and make your window look worn.

Aside from the visible wear and tear, it will also be less effective in protecting your home from insects and the weather conditions outside. Otherwise, make sure the cables and pulleys are working properly or your windows will stop working.

With little wear and tear, your wooden frames can be attached by sanding and repainting the windows. You can easily find them professional Repair service for wooden casement windows If DIY isn’t your forte, or if you feel the wear and tear is too much to handle on your own.

If you are building your home from scratch, or doing major renovations and replacements, it is highly recommended that you use PVC-based windows in place of the wooden windows.

The basic design and concept of the window remain the same, but PVC is the modern solution for more energy efficient, safer and low maintenance windows. Because PVC, unlike wood, is not easily affected by harsh weather conditions, moisture and other wear and tear, you can avoid the usual problems of sanding and repainting the frames.