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6 tips for saving money on large renovation projects

6 tips for saving money on large renovation projects

Renovation projects tend to be big budget problems, largely because you are trying to put your own aesthetic over something that already exists.

At first you might think that you can save huge construction costs by using something that already has a “gray texture” on it. Unless it has been stripped down to the bare minimum, there is no guarantee that you will ever get your desired results without spending a pretty penny.

From the high cost of hiring engineering and construction teams to dismantle existing walls, to adjusting the structural details to suit your purposes, there is a lot of physical work that can be a strain on your budget.

This is particularly relevant for large projects. Commercial and retail renovation projects involve extensive layout therapy even before the actual construction begins – and this is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Today we’re sharing 6 tips on how to save money on major renovation projects.

Go for double height rooms

This is a pretty relative design hack straight out of the mouth of professions. Even if you’re investing in a new build, cutting out a large chunk of the board can cut your construction costs exponentially.

Similarly, during the renovation process, planning a double height room in your layout can save you the cost of surfaces, false ceilings, lighting, electrical wiring, and other design details that may have turned into huge budget busters.

On the other hand, you will have to invest in dismantling the panel area where you want to create the double height room. It is recommended that you ensure that there are no structural failures or reservations during this process. Otherwise you will only be deducted from your budget.

Don’t mess with the existing window portals

Window portals 6 tips for saving money on large renovation projects

It actually all depends on the type of room you have, but if it is made up of small portals while you want big ones, try not to tweak those details. Once you start playing around with the windows you’ll have to rearrange the entire frame. This includes the existing lintel details and sill levels. It’s a very invasive process that can put a huge strain on your budget.

So before you cut a large hole in the side of your building, it is better to look for alternative techniques. Nowadays there are many ways in which you can design your rooms in such a way that they imitate “natural light” without actually having windows or fans in the room. Here is a small list of innovative tips you can use:

  • You can use realistic picture frame graphics of natural scenes to mimic a window.
  • You can use light pipes to channel sunshine into your room. These inventions slip between the rafters and the living space and are relatively inexpensive.
  • You can even use mirror cladding with a length of features to reflect existing light back into the room.
  • Bright accessories and furniture can help make the room look lively. There are areas online if you look cheap shopping.
  • You can even use fake windows to create the illusion of existing windows in the room. It costs you less and becomes an attractive design element.

Think about a future expansion

Farmhouse-Renovation-Burgenland-Austria-Concrete-Glass 6 tips for saving money on large renovation projects

You can’t do a big renovation project without considering the long-term implications. What if you end up needing more space? What if you need to expand vertically in the future?

All of this and more must be considered when planning your renovation. If you don’t think about the consequences, you will spend a lot more on the same building in the future.

So always leave a small space – like a terrace – for horizontal expansion. And if you’re considering long-term vertical expansion, leave structural anchors on your existing projects so you don’t have to adjust the substantial reinforcement in the future.

If you’re thinking of layout adjustments, invest in a flexible plan. For example, in commercial office space, you can use the practice of hot desking to create a more flexible layout. This way you will have many opportunities to adapt to new situations.

Avoid structural damage

One of the most inconvenient ways to break your budget during a renovation is to accidentally damage the structure.

This can happen if you tear down the walls and accidentally dismantle a load-bearing one. It can even happen during a general disassembly – like damaging a column or beam.

In such cases, you need to hire a structural engineer and invest in recommended procedures that can keep your building intact even after the required structural damage. So you should definitely avoid causing alarming structural damage to save your budget.

Building materials and recycling

Used Furniture 6 Tips To Save Money On Large Renovation Projects

When tackling a large renovation project, there is no need to customize everything. So whenever you buy building materials, you should always go for the cheaper building materials. This includes pre-made cabinets, furniture, substandard carpets, and more.

Another great way to cut your budget would be to recycle your old palate. Distressed surfaces are all the rage these days, so you can definitely reuse some old materials like floor tile and wood for a classy aesthetic.

Do not redesign utility points

Utilities are an integral part of any renovation project. This includes electrical connections and cabling, lighting, plumbing and sanitary facilities.

One of the main causes of over-budgeting in renovation projects is the relocation of these supply points – especially the plumbing. It is best to stick to the original supply points during the renovation. Running it again can be a lot of trouble and cost you a pretty penny in the process. You can even consult an expert on how to use the available points.

These are some of the ways you can reduce your home renovation budget. These can help keep your project on track and keep your bank balance in check.

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